Laughter Mania Originals is a collection of different series of articles intended to entertain the readers of Laughter Mania

Laughter Mania Originals

On this page you will find our different hit series which have got lot of love from our readers and all because of our regularity and selection of content. You can enjoy from any of these series. Have a good time reading these.

1. Interesting and Weird Interview Experiences

A Laughter Mania Originals series where every week, on Tuesday a story of Interview is being posted to entertain the readers of Laughter Mania

2. Forgotten Beauty of India

Forgotten Beauty of India is a Laughter Mania Originals series in which we take our readers to a virtual visit of the beautiful places in India which are either ignored or less popular.

3.The Illogical State Decree

The Illogical State Decree is a series of Laughter Mania Originals in which we will introduce different funny, annoying and absurd questions asked to different state peoples.

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