Anupam Anand gives perspective on Atmanirbhar Bharat, Boycott Bollywood and other burning issues in his new show The Weekly with ChoubeyJi

Anupam Anand gives perspective on Atmanirbhar Bharat, Boycott Bollywood and other burning issues in his new show The Weekly with ChoubeyJi

Traditional news media like newspaper and television broadcasts is still the most used medium for consuming daily news. The youth keeps blaming the news media for spreading negativity and a lot of fake news but some people still observe the news reports and put their brains to work to get a viable perspective. Anupam Anand is one of them. He’s the host of The Weekly with ChoubeyJi, an infotainment show that aims to give people logical and practical perspective to build a nation with skills, understanding and maturity. The show focuses on the upcoming digitally dependent generation that lacks interpersonal human skills or say, basic common sense. 

The show has moved into its second season this year after a very successful first season. This season got more insightful, knowledge rich and entertaining. It is a complete package where Anupam talks about current topics by relating them to events in the history of our nation and the world as and when required. Anupam says India is the youngest country right now till 2050 and if we don’t discuss personality development and self-awareness, we might not become a superpower rather we still will be SERVING other superpower nations like America.

Ever since the unfortunate incidents that took place during 1st wave of Covid, Bollywood has been a target for the audience and Boycott Bollywood trends every now and then on Social Media. What’s the reason behind this mindset of the audience who are adamant on Boycott Bollywood? And is it bad or good for Indian Cinema as a whole? The reason behind this has a perspective that is shared with the audience in one of the episodes. Atmanirbhar Bharat is one such topic that is discussed a lot on social media but the misinformation just keeps spreading due to various political agendas. The whole country is of the view that Atmanirbhar Bharat is a campaign given by Mr. Modi to inspire business people and startups to make in India and improve the country. ChoubeyJi dives into a different viewpoint wherein he lets us know how it is not just for some business people but for all of us. Us humans. How to become Atmanirbhar! Why is it important to be Atmanirbhar? And, what are the benefits of being Atmanirbhar?

Recent tragedies relating to Live in Relationship have again sparked the discussion of a long underlying taboo in society. It is a complex topic that required simplification from the expert himself. Anupam shares a different outlook on the pros and cons of Live in Relationship, and why it is the need of this generation in order to improve the quality of various human associations. Sanskrit being the mother of all languages or Tamil being the oldest language is a debate that dates long back and keeps creeping up for political agendas, regional politics, TRPs or vote banks at large. A neutral perspective is required to understand the deep underlying insights on North v/s South Indian languages and The Weekly with ChoubeyJi is one show that brought it up in one of the episodes.

Ever wondered why you end up buying things that are not necessities but you just want to have them in your house? Take, for instance, a quirky poster, you don’t need it but you buy it anyway because it looks aesthetic and Instagrammable. The psychology behind this and also how technology is taking over the control of human behaviour needs to be decoded to understand this well. The world has been developing in its ways. The same goes for our country. But how does it affect our surroundings? Are we really moving towards development? Or are we instigating a slow and planned destruction? Does it make you curious? Why is it all happening in the past few decades or centuries? Were our ancestors dumb or were they so intelligent that they didn’t want destruction that’s why they didn’t go further into development. Anupam unravels the truth for his audience to test their intelligence.

When the options of career choices were limited to Doctors, Engineers and lawyers, people used to be confused about which one to choose. With the internet age dawning upon us, the options of career choices widened in front of our eyes but the same difficulty peeks at us. Which career to choose to have a safe and secure future? A heart-to-heart talk with the Youth to help them understand how to sharpen their decision-making and how to keep their choices straight and clear is something that Choubey TV has brought to us. There’s a saying that Common Sense is not very common. Why is it said? There’s a lack of logical reasoning and understanding in the present time and that’s why understanding common sense is very important. The host brings forward perspectives that will make the audience think hard about their common sense and intelligence. Body language gives away a lot of information about a person, consciously or unconsciously. Your body language is a very important ingredient in your success or failure. Anupam being a personality development trainer himself knows the importance of this and decided to decipher this to the public to help them improve their personality. 

Religion and jobs are evergreen things in India, it connects Bollywood, politics, youth, and a lot of chords. People of Each religion(or belief) in this world claim to be the most intelligent and the superior ones. Each claims itself to be the earliest, and each one of them has its ideologies. Something that’s wrong in a particular tradition might be right in the other and this never-ending discussion on religion goes on. Anupam’s explanation would help you grab some real facts and figures to have better clarity of things. With a huge number of young people in India that consists of a huge number of both employed and unemployed people, there is a sense of superiority when it comes to Government jobs. You must have tumbled across at least one meme or one real-life incident wherein it is derived that having a government job makes you superior. Be it marriage, society or your family. Government jobs creep into your life every now and then, is it important? Or is it not? The show has a full-length discussion about this elephant in the room.

Overall, The Weekly with ChoubeyJi will make you think about a lot of things that are somehow ignored unconsciously but play a very important part in our day-to-day life. The beauty of the show is that you can keep revisiting the episodes because every time you’ll understand something different, such is the amount of knowledge stuffed into those short and crisp episodes. The Weekly with ChoubeyJi is a gem infotainment show produced by Lockdown Productions(Instagram: lockdownproductionsofficial). It is conceptualised by Anupam Anand(Instagram: anupam_aanand) and created by Aditya Kumar Choubey(Instagram: chulbulachoubey). It is available on Anchor Anupam Anand’s YouTube channel. You can access it by clicking the link below:

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