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Did you know? Current Indian Cricket Team Coach Rahul Dravid played for Scotland in 2003

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Not many people know the fact former that former Indian captain Rahul Dravid has played for Scotland in as many as eleven games in 2003.

Rahul Sharad Dravid is one of the greatest batsmen of all time, he is an example for all young and growing cricketers around the world. His will goes above the cricket pitch. Dravid made his international debut for India in an ODI game against Sri Lanka in 1996 and become the important wheel for the team across formats by 2003.

Dravid had made India win numerous games with his skills on the field. And also a generous human being-someone who is ready to help everyone. He was one of the cricketers who was not someone to take a step back against new challenges and faced them person-to-person and obtained excellent success in his career. One such challenge in his career came that many people were not aware of when he decided to play for Scotland national team back in 2003. A rare piece of legendary from the Indian cricketer’s career.

Rahul is known for his playing hard against the best bowlers in the middle by taking the neediest wicket or stopping a bowling attack almost single-handedly. He was always known for his solid skills and unmatched humor.

Dravid and other senior members of the team were given a break from international cricket after a world cup campaign in 2003 where he played an important role for the Men in Blue to reach the final. However, he was not someone who can stay away from the pitch for a long time. At that time, Scotland was promoted to the Second Division of the National Cricket League for a trial period of three years and the Scottish Cricket Union wanted an Indian cricketer to improve the cricket of their team. 

So he decided to help Scotland national team when he got an offer to join them as a marquee overseas player to boost the confidence of Scotland players and also set the right standards in the Scotland national team. By that time Dravid was a big name in world cricket and was expected to be the next leader of Indian cricket.

How did Rahul Dravid play for Scotland?

Gwynne Jones, the Chief Executive of the Scottish Cricket Union initiated talks with the coach of India, John Wright. He was looking for an Indian superstar who would set in the right standards in the Scotland national team. Jones wanted the legendary Sachin Tendulkar to join Scotland saltires who were promoted in the National Cricket League’s second division for a trial period of three years. However, Wright was convinced that if indeed an Indian player had to go onboard, it would be none other than Dravid.

“The person who is going to do things for you, on and off the field, is Rahul Dravid”, Wright told Jones.

Dravid accepted the offer and went on the tour with her newly-married wife Vijeta on a contract of 45,000 pounds, which was funded by a group of NRI’s who volunteered to raise money through dinners and donations to bring aboard a gentleman they knew would impact the youth in more ways than one.

After getting there, Dravid gave all his efforts and used all his skills for Scotland and ended up making 600 runs on an average run rate of 66.66 by playing eleven games. He was the top scorer for Scotland in the tournament. But even after his epic performance, his team managed to win only one of twelve matches.

However, Dravid had a tremendous season and his efforts were praised by many and also by his Scottish teammates. When Dravid returned to Scotland in August 2007, he was welcomed with the same excitement that he and his wife received from the country and people of Scotland four years back.

In 2007 Dravid said to people of Scotland that “I enjoyed the friendships with players, officials, something I maintain till today. For both me and my wife it was a special three months to get the love and warmth of the people of Scotland. I would have loved the game to have been at the Grains, though,”

On a different note, Rahul Dravid also got appointed as the Head Coach of Indian Men’s Cricket. Let’s hope he takes Indian Cricket Team to greater heights during his tenure.

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