10 Article Headlines That Can Help You Earn Millions

10 Article Headlines That Can Help You Earn Millions!

Headlines play a very significant part of every article. According to a survey, every time a reader clicks on an advertisement on social media or on some blog forum, it’s because they liked the title of the article. If you write a catchy headline then you can get into the head of the reader. Most bloggers will spend hours writing a blog post, and then write their headline in seconds as an afterthought. This is a HUGE problem though. Why? Because if your headline isn’t good enough to get someone to click on the post and read it, then what’s the point of having great content in the first place?

In the initial days of Laughter Mania, all we did was “Focus on Inner Content(Articles, blogs) more than outer content(Headlines, thumbnails)” instead of maintaining an equal balance between them and that’s where we failed. We kept on stuffing informational content in the articles but didn’t spend significant time on brainstorming headlines. But then I took a round of WritersMentor where they have plenty of informational articles related to writing. I took opinion from a lot of other people such as Neil Patel, Sorav Jain, etc. Took a course on Hubspot and that’s how I finally brought up the following list of article headlines that worked wonders for us :

“No One Will Tell You…….”

Would you like to do things that are boring? Obviously not!!

These days the readers want interesting things whether it is an informational article or any random article. People always want to read things that make them curious as they have a zeal to learn. Similarly “No one will tell you…….” title works for each and every reader because readers think that once they land on the page they will learn something that they haven’t known for a while.

This curiosity factor is a crucial thing to maintain if you want your leader to stay on the article and don’t get away from your website. You have to make the reader learn new things instead of just click baiting it. Make the article detailed and informational.

Let’s look at some of the examples:
Five arousal points of women no one will tell you
No one will tell you these dirty secrets of a corporate job

Won’t you click on articles with these kinds of titles? I would do it because I know I can learn new things from these. This is how you can make your title interesting and click-friendly at the same time.

“How To…….”

In this era of booming Technology and multiple skills, people are always eager to learn new things. These “How to….” titles promise to provide value to people clicking on those links and make them learn new skills.

Start your headline with “How to” tag and people will be more interested in it. Teach skills that are not easily available in the market and that’s when people will value your content because if you’ll teach something that is really common then people won’t be clicking much. Also, don’t forget that none of your readers is a fool, don’t take any of them for granted. Treat each and every reader of yours with at most respect and never try to provide them with fake knowledge.

You can take the example of these titles:
How to write attractive headlines?
How to join Indian Army?
How to gain a good physique?

I am sure any person who is interested in this kind of topics will surely click on these. All you need to do is provide the user with a value content because without a valuable content you can make the user click once but with a valuable content the reader will visit your website again and again in search of valuable content.

“Are you….., Do you…., Want to……”

Are you addicted to social media?
Do you consume too much alcohol?
Want to be an entrepreneur? This is what to follow.

This type of title establishes a one on one conversation between the reader and the writer. These titles give a feeling of own self. The audience will feel emotionally connected to you via your content.

Although these titles are very rarely used but they bring a lot of conversions if the topic and plot is well set. Weave a story around the information that you want to give to the people. Articles with a touch of information along with a relatable story tend to garner more readers.

“Why, Where, What…..”

These are the kind of titles that carry factual information with itself. People rely on factual information for approval. These articles get hundreds of readers since they give answers to questions that keep them up at night. 

The first thing that a person types in on the search box of a search engine is “What is….”, “Where are……..”, “Why the……”, etc Articles with these sort of headlines seem more like a QnA but they carry a lot of value with itself. These kinds of articles bring in a lot of organic traffic.

Let’s have a look at few examples of titles of this kind:
Where to find the best tech-gadgets in India?
Why you should try new things this summer?
What is the modern startup culture?

I believe that you will always click on those titles because they seem to be loaded with contents. So these headlines bring in a lot of traffic and I’d definitely suggest you try these kinds of titles in your upcoming articles.

“Avoid these mistakes….”

You’ve been this far into this article and if you’re reading it thoroughly, you’ll know that a lot of traffic and audience is built around “curiosity” of a reader.

As we all well know, people learn best from their own mistakes. However, wouldn’t you like to be one step forward and know up front the common mistakes in a given task before you take it? I think the answer is obvious. 

This is the reason “Avoid these mistakes….” titles work because they promise to teach you about something that can hinder your success. People are really scared of their failure and if you know the art of creating calmness in them with your title then all the traffic is yours.

Wordplay is the thing that you need to know in order to gather more traffic. People search for the mistakes that others have done in a similar task to keep their way clear of all the problems.

Let’s have a look at a few examples of these headlines:
Avoid these mistakes if you want to scale up your Start Up!
You must avoid these mistakes to maintain a healthy relationship.
Avoid these mistakes to write perfect blog posts.

Won’t you click on these headlines? I’d definitely click on these because it’s obvious.Keep learning from mistakes and keep growing from within.

“Top [Number] ……”

A majority of readers like to know the top things from a particular category. This is the reason for the success of these listicles(Articles that summarize information in the form of a list.).

Listicles gather much love from the readers because they are well organised and easily readable by them. Simple things always bring in lots of traffic and that’s a similar reason for this kind of headlines as well.

Readers can figure out from the title itself that they are going to see a plethora of simplified content in the article. Listicles are eye-catching because they organize information, inform you up-front how long the article will be and how many new things you’ll learn.

Let us take a look at the eye-popping titles that gets numerous clicks every time:
Top 5 Asian Cuisines you must try before you die
Top 10 Private Institutes for Engineering in India
Top 5 secrets that no girl will ever tell you

Simple, precise, informative & interesting, that’s all I can conclude from these titles. You can always try to compose a few listicles for your website as that might gain you a lot of readers.

“Everything You Need to Know About……”

Half knowledge is always dangerous and this is the reason why people click on articles with these titles. People don’t need half-baked cakes, they need a fully-baked cake along with a detailed recipe list.

Okay, enough of these riddles, let me come to the point. “Everything You Need to Know About……” titles promise to give you complete details about the thing that the article is mentioned about. A complete in-depth article about a thing is one thing that every serious reader needs. It focuses on providing your reader with all the necessary information about a topic.

Let us take a few examples of this title:
Everything You Need To Know About Finding Your Perfect Co-Founder
Everything you need to know about Indian Cinemas
Everything you need to know about SadhGuru

I can assure you that if an article with a similar title reaches a needy audience then they’ll click on it for sure. And that’s how your article will garner a hell lot of organic traffic. All the best with it.

“Here’s Why…….”

You might be exhausted reading this long article and if you are then you’re not the right person to write. You need to be focused until its the end of the article. Okay, I’m kidding. But stay focused otherwise you might miss out on things.

“Here’s why…….” titles make you think the reason for learning that particular thing. Our audience is accustomed to doing things only when they have a particular reason behind it. People don’t usually learn things out of interest. They learn things when they know that they can benefit from it.

People learn things to please others, to calm themselves, to earn something, etc. There is always a motive behind things people do. That particular motive acts as a driving fuel to people. “Here’s Why” titles work because you indicate a problem, inform your readers you know the reasons behind it as well as, indirectly, promise to provide solutions.

Let me show you some examples of this type of headlines:
Here’s why you should stop masturbating
Here’s why you should invest in Mutual Funds
Here’s why you should learn networking

You need to show the promise of enlightenment through the headlines of your articles. That’s how you will get organic traffic. Try and experiment with this title and get back to this article with feedback.

“Stop Doing This….”

Don’t you hate it when someone stops you from doing things you love? I hate it and this happens because we’re blindly in love with that particular thing. What if they tell you the reason to stop alongside stopping you? That will lead you to think about stopping if it is a valid reason.

“Stop Doing This….” titles do a similar job. This makes the audience curious as to what they might be doing wrong. These headlines work because it teaches you an important lesson on something you’re doing but shouldn’t do, and tells you why it’s wrong or what will you gain if you refrain from doing that. 

Let’s have a look at a few examples of this type:
10 things you should stop doing in college life
Stop doing this at work, if you want to be promoted
Want to be successful? Stop doing these silly mistakes

I would love to take advice by clicking on these titles and so will your readers. Don’t forget to use this kind of title in your articles and I can assure that you’ll find a steep rise in your insight’s graph.

“……. VS ……..”

What do you do before selecting a software, a product or a program? You go to Google or any search engine and look for comparison of that stuff. And you keep on clicking links unless you’re satisfied with the results.

A reader also does the same thing and that’s when “…..vs…..” title comes to use. Your website must contain similar comparison articles of your niche. People find comparisons useful and that’s the reason for the traffic generation of these titles.

Sometimes you might come across a similar title, that is “The Differences Between,” but it’s long and ordinary. On the other hand “… Vs…” title is short and to the point.

Let’s have a look at a few examples:
CRO Vs. SEO: Which One Should You Focus On Right Now?
Newsletters vs. Pop-ups: Which one gets you more traffic and engagement?
One Night Stand vs Committed Relationship: What do modern girls prefer?

These titles seem complete fun and they gather much more traffic than expected. Have these on your website and you won’t regret it for sure.

How do we earn from all these headlines?

All the ten headlines listed above are a few selected ones that have an old record of gathering heavy traffic. You can always use the traffic gained from the articles for monetizing your website or blog. Various tools like Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, product selling and ad-space selling can be used to earn money from your website. The most primary thing above all this is to get a heavy audience for your website and all the above headlines will help you in doing the same.


Hey buddy, if you are still reading this then you deserve an applause for your patience and dedication. Now you must be excited to start writing a new article using a particular template from this article. But you need to cool yourself down and understand that even if all these headlines bring in a plethora of traffic but in the end, your creativity and uniqueness in creating the title matters the most.

The KEY to writing a catchy and unique title is to come up with an original idea, expand on it and combine several title templates to make one, perfect title. Be creative!

If you like this article and found it helpful, share it with your friends! If you have other ideas on which titles get many clicks, let me know about them in the comments below.

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