Mystery Solved: Approach Your Crush This Way | Valentine's Week Special

Mystery Solved: Approach Your Crush This Way | Valentine’s Week Special

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Kehdun Tumhe Ya Chup Rahun,

Dil Mein Mere Aaj Kya Hai.

This is not just a song it is my entire February, rather my entire life, apart from the other song Sun Sun Sun Didi tere liye ek rishta aaya hai, but that is an entire different story altogether, lets focus on the first song.

Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate love, to let your loved one know how much you love them and how grateful you are to have them, or for me a day when I want to join Bajrang Dal, my way of compensating for being single. The most difficult job after passing UPSC exams is telling your crush how you feel about them, it involves creativity, preparation, attention to detail and most of all a whole lot of courage and because the last bit is very hard to procure that’s why it becomes Mission Impossible, and just like that chapter ends and your love story becomes humari adhuri kahaani.

The most popular answer I got when I asked people how they would approach their crush on Valentine’s Day was that they would rather watch Deepak Kalal wed Rakhi Sawant than tell their crush how they feel, a little too much, I know. Some do it because they don’t have the guts and focus too much on rejection and humiliation, some feel they can’t handle the heartbreak and others, mostly girls, believe that they should be approached and won’t make the first move.

But then there are some brave hearts who take the leap of faith and believe in the motto jab tak jahaan mein subah sham hai, tabh tak mere naam tu. They rather get rejected and then move on than feel regret creep up 20 years later just to remind them what if their crush felt the same way? What if they had accepted the proposal? How would their life had been had things gone their way? They want a shot at love and want to move past than just dreaming about their crushes and stalk their social media accounts.

Considering the generation we live in we see that we live in a fast paced, ultra-modern and tech savvy world where doing almost anything happens simultaneously as we think about it. Hence, talking to someone isn’t an issue anymore, there are numerous ways of approaching a person be it through social media, or a social gathering or the same old one on one interaction. Particularly on Valentine’s Day a little card, a small gift, a text message detailing your feelings in the most innocent and genuine way with a dash of poetry will do the job, and the job becomes even easier if you already are in touch with your crush. Slowly making a way into their heart by small gestures, understanding them, listening to them, giving them scope to understand you should be done beforehand to build up on your proposal and in this way you get to know your crush better and know if their actual personality matches with your imagination.

There are n number of ways to express your feeling but the most important thing to understand is know the difference between crushing and obsessing, getting to know and stalking, don’t let your feeling overshadow your knowledge in understanding where the other person stands in the process, and if you get a negative response from your crush don’t let it dishearten you or anger you in any way, because love is an endless possibility, so if not today, not with this person, not in this time, then someday, somewhere and somehow love will find its way into your heart with a perfect someone who was always meant to be with you and then you will live happily ever after, till then my friend just keep on saying…….Apna Time Aayega.

PS: This story is written by our Internship Training Candidate Ruwa Kitab. She also has her own blog which you can check out here.

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