How to write your first article?

Article Writing: How to write your first article?

Did you start walking just after taking birth? The clear answer is no. You have to learn it with the baby steps. Taking the baby steps is the hardest but once you take it, you can move further to learn the art of walking. Same is the case with writing. Writing your first article is always the toughest job because a lot of thoughts pass through your mind. Will the audience like it? Would I complete it? Have I learnt enough? All these questions keep troubling you. But I will tell you the things that you need to do while you write your first article.

Choose A Topic for Article

You have to think of a topic on which you want to write an article. You can rely on your conversations, news channels you watch or your own conscience to give you the topic. But always try to keep your topic an interesting one. This will increase the probability of more viewership. A trending topic always gains you more visitors or attention. You can check out for trending topics from Google by going to Google Trends.

Outline Your Article

Always make a rough outline of the topic. Draw a draft so that you know the subheadings and bulletins in which you are going to divide the article. Once you complete outlining, half the job is done. Take enough time to research the topic you’ve chosen and define all the points you wish to include on the blog. Finally, analyse if that is how you want your article to shape up.

Start Writing the Article

Now dump every single thought you have about the topic into the blank sheet. The most challenging thing is the blinking cursor on the screen. It dares you and if you keep it moving with your ideas then you are on the way to conquer it. Keep in mind the outline or the draft and it will be easier for you to compose the article. Don’t try to edit it while you are writing because that won’t allow you to write with an open mind.

Edit the Article

Once you’re done with writing you need to edit it so that it can be carved into a perfect one. Read it once, twice, thrice and you will know which part of the article is not much interesting. Be ruthless with cutting and adding parts of article. Just like a potter cuts unnecessary clay to design the pots perfectly, you need to cut out the lines and paragraphs. This is important because once a reader gets bored of your content, you can’t retain them. This will eventually harm your statistics.

Choose a Title

Selecting and writing a title is the most tricky job. You need to choose a catchy title that grabs attention of readers. Meanwhile, you also need to make sure it is not a click bait. Clickbait gets you sudden traffics but that won’t last forever and it will harm your reputation.

Publish the Article

Click that Publish button and let the audience judge your content. Don’t worry about the stats because sometimes even the good content doesn’t reach the audience. In that case, you will have to understand the art of promotion. That will help you in getting the desired traffic.

These are the basics that you need to keep in mind while you write your first article. Try to keep the language as simple as possible. Nobody likes to take out dictionary while reading an article. They will simply swap tabs to another website. Make sure you keep the readers attention throughout the article with the above tips. You will get more posts on Laughter Mania to make you understand the art of writing articles well. Until then share this piece of writing with people who are enthusiastic about writing so that they can get it better.

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