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QuizMania: Stop Playing PUBG if you can’t answer these!

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Jump off a plane on an island with 100 other people, you have to hide, loot and kill in order to survive to be the last manstanding, or better yet to have a chicken dinner.

PUBG is an online multiplayer that you could never get tired of because there is no one way to play it. You can hide around till the end or go guns blazing into combat, the choice is yours, the guns are yours, what remains is your will to fight for the chicken dinner (not literally though).

Owing to its craze among youth. We decided to create a quiz to figure out if you people know enough of it. Here is the Quiz

PUBG Quiz : How much PUBG do you know?

Do you have enough craze for PUBG? If yes, then answer the simplest of questions about PUBG!

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About the Creator

Brendan Greene, or known to the world as PlayerUnknown wanted a game to play, so he did what any of us would do, he went ahead and created one. Little did he knew that he was making something that would take the whole gaming industry by storm. We were introduced to the concept of ‘Battle Royale’ by PlayerUnknown’sBattlegrounds or PUBG (the full name is a mouthful).

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