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WordPress is a boon for the website industry. It allows a plethora of features to be used. And that is the reason for Laughter Mania being on WordPress. Being an author of Laughter Mania, you might be wondering when will you get an inner view of the website. So, now is the time that you get the inner view of WordPress powered Laughter Mania. But before that, let me give you a briefing of how you can use Laughter Mania for publishing articles. 

Step 1: Login to the Page

When you land on the Login Page. You can enter your credentials and start with the login just like any simple Social Media. Here are the screenshots for the reference:

Step 2: Dashboard

Dashboard is a place from which you will operate the complete WordPress Website. Here you will get a plethora of features that you need to use in order to make your website more effective. 

Using the New button on the dashboard as shown below in the screenshot, you can add a new post. That means this button is useful for your internship. Always remember this New button.

The Quick Draft tab helps in making a quick note of any post that you are planning to write. This is very handy while you are travelling or for a quick drafting. 

Any article doesn’t look attractive without proper use of Media files. You can add media beforehand by going through the process below.

Step 3: Add Media Files

You can either add media files before writing an article or can upload while writing it. Uploading it beforehand saves a lot of time. This is how it is done.

Go to the Media button in the dashboard. 

Click on the Add New

And then you can drop your files or you can select them directly from the Internal Storage.

Step 4: Writing an Article

The most important part of your internship is understanding content writing. And that’s why this block is the most important block of this article. The various things that you will see in your dashboard when you proceed to write will be presented in this block. 

Go to the new button and click on Post.

You will get to see the following window. 

Now you can start with your writing in the writing column. Start with adding text and then you can proceed further. 

The block marked in red needs to be filled with a small description of the article and it should contain the keyword as used in the article. 

Readability analysis let’s you know a better way of presenting your article. You can increase the readability scores to make the articles better. Always watch out for the tips.

Focus key phrase will ask you for a Keyword associated with the article and it will accordingly judge the article for SEO optimization. SEO enhancement of the article will be done through the Focus Keyphrase section.

There are few more small selections that make a huge difference to the article.

Save the document by ticking the Pending Review button and finalizing using Save as Pending so that the admin can review your article.

You can select the category of your article from the listed ones. In case the category is not present you can ask the admin to add the category or you can submit it as a pending review.

Tags play a vital role in attracting audience with proper keywords. You can add related keyword with your article in order to attract more traffic. This basically helps in getting the wordpress based audience.

WordPress allows you to add the Thumbnail under the Featured Image section. The thumbnail should be very effective in order to gain more audience. 

The basic details of operating Laughter Mania using WordPress are pretty much summed up. You will get to know more about WordPress operations once you start using it. Until then you can enjoy your internship.

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