Are you an emotional fool

Are you an Emotional Fool ? Read this to figure out !

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What is being emotional ? Being emotional means having emotions. Having emotions means being a human. Yes, every human being in this world has emotions. There are some, who can control their emotion and then there are others, who can’t control their emotions and this makes them emotional fools sometimes. Being emotional is most of the times synonymous with being attached to someone. You can be emotional for almost anything or everything. It can be a thing at your home, it can be someone from your family, it can be someone from your friends, or it can be you yourself. So far all the humans and other creatures I have observed are emotional fools at some point. Emotion adds some color to our painting, which will otherwise be dull.But too much of colors will make the painting look awful. We all are emotional fools at some point in our life and will be in the future, no one can escape.There is absolutely no way to set a criteria to identify emotional fools, it depends on one’s wisdom.But after some small research, I have found out these small symptoms of emotional fools. Go through these symptoms and find out if you are one of those emotional fools !


    • Emotional Fools become upset every time when their messages and calls are not replied back.

    • Emotional Fools take blame on them most of the time for all the wrongs that are happening around them.

    • Emotional Fools feel guilty in saying ‘NO’ as if they are hurting others.

    • Emotional Fools are ready to apologize even when they are misunderstood.

    • It is difficult for emotional fools to raise their voice in arguments.

    • Emotional Fools overthink every decision and need someone to put stamp on their decisions.

  • Emotional Fools care and pamper a lot (a lot means too much) to their closed ones.

  • Emotional Fools hesitate in taking stand for themselves.

  • Emotional Fools are ready to cry anytime, just make the situation sad by playing a senti bollywood movie .They will relate all the emotional scenes happening in the movie with their life.

  • Emotional Fools easily find ways to come in bad mood zone and feel powerless.

  • Emotional Fools keep on worrying instead of acting and closing issues.

  • Emotional Fools’ feelings overpower brain. You go with “feeling nice” as opposed to “what is correct/normal”.

  • Emotional Fools do not forget bad memory/instances easily.

These were some of mine own perceptions. Even I am one of these emotional fools as it is good to be emotional but one must take care and be cautious of being duped because of being emotional.It’s totally my perception. I don’t see emotional people as weak. Also, I might have termed you as emotional fool throughout this whole article but that doesn’t mean this world has got the right to call you as emotional fool because “Main to bhai hu na,mera to itna haq banta hai”.

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