All of me, loves all of you? | Valentine’s Week Special

All of me, loves all of you? | Valentine’s Week Special

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In continuation, with our Valentines Special Series, here’s another twisted story of love, and how passion, devotion, affection, and yearning, all are knitted with the expression of love.

Underneath the beautiful sky,

Stood a girl with a heart half-mended.

Every night,

Looking at the moon

With the cool breeze blowing on her face

Had become a routine.

This was the time of the day

She cherished the most.

Love, love and love! If there’s any emotion, any feeling, and experience that has been spoken a lot about, it is love. Somehow still, it is never enough. In every nook and corner, every street, every corridor, behind all closed doors and open verandahs, there is a sweet, simple love story blooming.

Standing in the balcony,

At 3 a.m.

He shed another tear.

Hope had long left him.

He stared blankly,

At the screen in his hand.

“No Reply”, it was.

And with this love story, comes a roller coaster of other sentiments. In a matter of a few minutes, our mood changes from happy, to missing someone, to being extremely joyous. It’s almost as if, we are in this dreamy world, which is beyond the boundaries of true or false, right or wrong, and only and only love prevails. We might even prefer death over a tragic love story ending!

She longed for love,

He wanted to fill his void.

Looking at the stars,

They wished with all their might.

She asked for strength,

He, for pleasure.

Yet, as much as we’d like to glorify this so-called love, the reality is brutally different. Not all love stories can have a happy ending. In relationships, a lot of other factors and situations overpower love.

Life is funny, for,

She lost him

He never wanted her.

And somehow we still deceive ourselves into believing that love is the ultimate remedy.

Several months down the line,

It was New Year’s Night.

She lay in bed

Trying to smile, to sleep

But only and only, tears accompanied her.

Finally, when her head did shut up,

She became a victim of her dreadful dreams.

This Valentines too, while many begin a new chapter of their love story, for many, their book ends. And all that is left with them, is scars of those beautiful memories.

He had counted down

For the next year to begin

And for a split second,

She did cross his mind;

But he had too many people to give attention to,

Life had made him hard.

Nevertheless, Valentines is worth it, for it either gives us the motivation to move on or to give in all we have, to live the epic love story of our lives. Either way, it’s definitely going to being a turning point.

Both of them had tried to make things work,

At the wrong time, in wrong ways.

His hands no longer longed to feel her hair,

She could still feel his lips.

Where this story would go,

Neither of them knew.

She wanted a forever kind of love,

He didn’t want anything at all.

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