One Love, That We Still Love | Valentine’s Week Special

One Love, That We Still Love | Valentine’s Week Special

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With Valentine’s fever in the air, most of us are in a jubilant mood. And
there are some of us, cheers to the singles in the house, who think love is
a waste of time.

All of us have that one love that we still love. Even after not seeing them
for years altogether sometimes, they are still at the back of our minds.
It’s like, though we have let them go, they still remain. And, maybe,
that’s the beauty of it.

Every time we receive a text or our phone beeps, very unconsciously, we
half expect it to be that one person. Somehow, we still hope for a better
ending, or rather a beginning with that story. Haven’t all of us imagined
how our situations and life would be different, had that one story unfolded
the way we wished it to? Nevertheless, each song, in one way or another
leads to flashbacks. Till date, isn’t our diary filled with that one name?

Funny, how at the end of the day, right before sleeping, we still check
their ‘last seen’ or stalk them on other social media sites. Many of us
still have some photographs which we never want to see again, but still,
refuse to delete them.

Quite often, we are so worried and sceptical of the aftermath of what if
the relationship doesn’t work, that we forget to give it a chance. We dream
of a future together, but our past has so ruthlessly shattered us, that
even our present is ruined. Or possibly, we’re so busy saving ourselves
from the pain, that we do not realize that we are hurting someone else too.

Eventually though deeply in love, we choose to walk out of it. We give up
on people and some promising relationships because we’re just simply
unsure. At times, we have abandoned our loved ones because we think they
are becoming toxic. Somewhere along the line, however, we don’t understand
that we’ve become toxic as well.

We’ve have been hurt. But, so have they. We need to heal them, in the
process of making ourselves better.

Does it ever occur to us, that right when a person left us, or we decided
to move out of their lives, our one word, one action could have saved us
from all the suffering?

We so frequently expect time to make everything work out, but we forget
someday, it might just be too late. The loss of a loved one is unbearable,
yet we wait for the so called ‘right moment’.

Maybe, this Valentines we can give love a second chance.


*”Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes*
*But it’s the only thing that I know*
*When it gets hard, you know it can get hard sometimes*
*It is the only thing makes us feel alive”*
– Photograph, Ed Sheeran

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