We Were Always Just That Close | Valentine’s Week Special

We Were Always Just That Close | Valentine’s Week Special

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With Valentines’ around the corner, there is literally love in the air. Nothing and nothing seems more tempting than a night with our beloved. Here’s a sneak-peek into one such bedroom story-

Chest to chest
Nose to nose
Palm to palm
We were always just that close

She sat on the bed, and he on the floor. She had thought of a million stories to tell him, and he too had a lot to speak about; yet, somehow the silence was very profound. He kept staring at her as she stared at the mess his room had become.

In between a few mumbled words, she didn’t realize when he’d moved next to her. Like gravity, her fingers pulled his. His heartbeat increased as she lay her head on his chest. At that moment, everything seemed clear. No worries. No loneliness. Just pure happiness. He wrapped his arms around her waist, and like that, they sat for what seemed like an eternity.

Wrist to wrist
Toe to toe
Lips that felt just like the inside of a rose

Gradually, they moved so close that there was room for no more space. Their foreheads touched and she took a deep breath. How much had she longed for this!

Slowly, he whispered something in her ears. She turned to face him. She cupped his face and pulled him closer. Her fingers traced his jawline, and moved towards the nose and then the eyes. And right then his phone vibrated. Ugh! Such spoilers. She resorted back to lying in his lap. This felt like home. He ran his hand through her hair and bit by bit towards her neck and gave her a nice massage. Very relaxing. It had been a while since both of them had spent quality time together. Just like a story, without an ending, she was nothing without him.

Eye to eye
Cheek to cheek
Side by side
You were sleeping next to me

As much as she wanted everything come to stand still, loads of other work needed her attention. Unwillingly, she got off the bed.

Just when I felt like giving up on us
You turned around and gave me one last touch
That made everything feel better
And even then my eyes got wetter
So confused wanna ask you if you love me
But I don’t wanna seem so weak

He stood up and pulled her into a hug. She stood on her toes and wrapped her arms around his neck. It was as if their bodies were some jigsaw pieces, which fit perfectly. Her curves complemented his edges. He gently kissed along her neckline all the way to the forehead. Absolute bliss. Her phone beeped, and very reluctantly they pulled away.

In this California king bed
We’re ten thousand miles apart
I’ll be California wishing on these stars
For you’re heart on me
My California king!
– California King Bed, Rihanna

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