Love is in the Air | Valentine's Week Special

Love is in the Air | Valentine’s Week Special

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When love is in the air, and everything is glossy and pink, and we only have one name, in our heart and mind, isn’t it just simply beautiful? Our days begin and nights end with only one person in mind. It’s like they have occupied all the space in and around us. There are violins playing in the background, and everything is picture perfect, all thanks to that one person- our beloved.

*“You know its love,*
*In its purest and rarest forms,*
*When without one touch,*
*You’ve already experienced heaven”*

Just their look, their words, their touch, makes all the difference. Our dreams and hopes are woven with them. It is because of them that we have won the long lost battles. Every song, post and movie, reminds us of them. They are our other halves, obviously the better ones.

They know us inside out. They have seen our scars and our deadliest versions and yet been there, no matter what. We experience ecstasy, by their mere presence. They are the ones, who we know, will stay with us till the end of time and beyond. They are our pillars of support and strength. No matter how horrible a mistake we’ve made, we can always get back to them without the fear of being judged. They are ‘home’ to us. And as much as we’d like to stay in denial, we know this is love, in the most subtle, yet most contrasting way.

*“He’s seen the shine in her eyes*
*And he’s seen the angel in her,*
*She has held him through the darkest of hours,*
*And she has fought his worst demons.*
*Isn’t that love, now?”*

Somewhere in between knowing their favourite colours and cafes to setting aside time for only them, we know its love. Its love, in all the cheesy and mushy one-liners we use to impress them and all the candid pictures of them we click secretly.

And it is important to acknowledge this beautiful feeling; And, possibly, Valentines is the best day to express our unheard thoughts and tell our affinity how thankful and blessed we are to have them.

Red is the colour of the day, and rightly so, due it’s sensuous and passionate impression. With balloons, surprises dinners, or a simple chocolate or a flower, a Valentine’s Day is a must, to let our loved ones know how important they are to us.

A small dinner date, a late night movie show, a long drive with a playlist of their favourite songs or maybe just a well-spent day with them is all that is needed. Added to this are the Valentine bashes and parties that happen in every corner of the city.

Though some may argue that Valentine’s Day is overrated or is too cliche, well, why not? If not every day, then at least once in a year we can show gratitude to our loved one, for being the One.

Lastly, the world does not have a meaning without love, so let us all cherish it, while it lasts!

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