How to maintain professionalism

Professionalism : How to Make an Effective LinkedIn Profile?

Professionalism is the first and very important step for any business and employee. It is required if you want to be successful in any particular field. Maintaining professionalism in real life is one thing and doing the same on the internet is another. I decided to keep this topic as the first chapter of training because this is beneficial.

Join LinkedIn

Are you on LinkedIn yet? If your answer is no then you are very late my friend. Just visit LinkedIn right now and make your profile out there. Now the next question is that; Is making a LinkedIn profile enough? No, it isn’t! You need to make your profile look professional rather than just another random profile on a random social media.

Maintaining Professionalism on LinkedIn

What people see, is what sells easily in the market. LinkedIn is that market where you sell yourself. Your talent, your showcasing, your decoration and your recommendations compiled altogether attracts a client to your profile. Here is what you can do to enhance professionalism on LinkedIn profile:

Profile Picture

Always upload a profile picture that shows the front profile of your face.  A smiling face always looks beautiful so try to upload a smiling photograph as a profile picture.

Cover Art

The cover art is the most ignored aspect of a LinkedIn profile. It is not a mandatory part but having a well-designed infographic will be more than enough.


The part of your profile that decides whether a viewer will stay or go away forever. You need to write an interesting intro that introduces your personal and professional life attractively.


Do upload an updated Resume if you have one in the intro section. This makes easy for the recruiters to go through know-about of your jobs and studies.


If you have any experience working for some company then you can add the details in this section.

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In this section, you need to mention the institutions from where you completed various stages of the study. Studying from a good college always gives you an edge over someone who is not from a very good college.


Last but not least, you must mention your skills. They work as a keyword to rank your profile well on LinkedIn. A common mistake that people do is stuff skills in their profile that they don’t even possess. Don’t ever do that.

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Once you complete these things, your profile will look very presentable. This will increase your online professionalism to a whole different level.

Benefits of Professionalism

Demonstrates Your Values

Being professional is very similar to being virtuous. If you show professionalism in your work then people will appreciate it. This not only enhances your reputation but also motivates others to show similar kind of work ethics.

Maintains a Boundary

Professionalism promotes a healthy friendship among various working grades in a company. Workers who conduct themselves professionally avoid crossing their line with subordinates, superiors or clients.

Increases Job Satisfaction

Professionalism eliminates stress to a great degree. Once that is taken care of an employee thrives in a healthy atmosphere leading to enhanced performance.

It is important to note that demonstrating professionalism is important at all levels in an organization. Professionalism is not the responsibility of the leadership team but is vital at all levels. You can display professionalism in something as small as  writing without any grammatical errors.

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