Uninstall Truecaller Right Now!

Uninstall Truecaller Right Now!

Truecaller is a familiar name for android phone users. People use Truecaller every time they receive a call from an unknown number. Did you know that all your call recordings, messages, chats and contacts are getting leaked from your phone through Truecaller? Uninstall Truecaller from your phone because the reason is going to shock you very soon.

Truecaller collects the data from phones of people who have installed it and saves it on its server. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are modern technology. It is used to  It is called “CROWDSOURCING”.

How Truecaller works?

Suppose, there is a person named Ramesh Kumar Singh whose number is saved in three person’s (Let’s say A, B & C) phone.

A saved his name as “Ramesh Kumar”.

B saved his name as “Ramesh Kumar Singh”.

C saved his name as “Ramesh Kumar Sh”.

So what Truecaller does is that it finds the common name in all three person’s contact list and assign it a name by itself. In this case, the common name comes out to be Ramesh Kumar.

This is how Truecaller works.

How Truecaller steals data?

When you install Truecaller from Google Play Store, the app asks certain permissions before installing. But most of the people(maybe you, as well) just ignore those permissions and install this app on their device. You can visit Truecaller’s official website and check their Privacy Policy to know the reality. Let me just list out few of the many data they collect:

  1. Device location
  2. IP Address
  3. Device and hardware settings
  4. Operating system
  5. Web browser
  6. Screen resolution
  7. Usage statistics
  8. Applications installed on the device
  9. Contacts
  10. Device Log
  11. Messages
  12. Device ID
Screenshot from Truecaller Privacy Policy
Source: Truecaller

Why you should Uninstall Truecaller?

If you love your privacy then make sure you uninstall this app from your phone. You’ll keep blaming Mark Zuckerberg for leaking your data and Truecaller will silently do the job.


I don’t have any issue with Truecaller. Even I used it until I got this info from Quora, where Anmol Behera wrote this shocking answer. Sharing this with you because it is worth it. If someone has an issue with this article or want to know more about Laughter Mania, then you can drop your queries at our Contact Page.

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