Every 12th Class Student Should Read This

Student life is the most crucial time of our life. It is the building block of our future. Student life is also the most luxurious life, which you might not realize at this moment, but once you get out of school and see the real face of struggle you will miss these moments of school.

Since you are in 12th class this year is going to be the last year of your school. The golden days of your life are going to end in another eight months. If you will be utilizing these eight months then you will be entering other golden days but if you waste these eight months, then your upcoming life will remain filled with taunts of parents and mocks of juniors and seniors.

My words might not make sense to you at this moment. You may find this rubbish but trust me, these bits of advice seem golden once the time starts flying. Here are a few golden pieces of advice from your seniors, you can follow it or ignore it but make sure you don’t regret not following it later.

  • Unlike Class 10th mark sheet, Class 12th mark sheet does not just serve the purpose of Birth Certificate: I’m not saying that Class 10th certificate has no value but it has very less value when compared to the value of Class 12th Value of every certificate exponentially increases when you go from High School to Senior Secondary to Graduation to Post Graduation and so on.
  • Decide a career right now and try to study with a focus on that career: In India, 80% of students decide their stream according to their percentage in class 10th. But remember, this is not class 10th. You have to choose a career after 12th that is going to be the medium for your earning.
  • Having a passion is good, but not having a passion doesn’t mean you compulsorily need it: If you already have some passion like singing, writing, dancing, acting, etc. then keep following it and try to choose a career that supports your passion as well. And if you don’t have a passion then it is not compulsory for everyone to have a passion. Don’t waste the small time you have in trying to learn something like music, acting, dancing just because your friend knows it.
  • Your relatives will always be there to criticize you: You will get fewer marks, they will criticize you. You will get high marks, they will criticize you. You won’t get a job, they will criticize you. You get a job, they will criticize you. You have to learn to ignore them in order to succeed in life. This is a habit that will keep you happy every time. Don’t be ignorant about everything but you need to ignore things that are not meant to be noticed.
  • Try to stay away from social media addictions: Social media addiction is one of the biggest reason of time waste. You start scrolling through the news feed and don’t even realize when hours pass by. Use social media during breaks from studies. Don’t do it the other way, these days students study for a few minutes while taking breaks from social media. It is not a good sign at all.

Some people like to take a path that is well paved and some like to pave their own path. These bits of advice are not strictly meant to be followed. At least have them in your mind as they can serve as a light in the dark streets of your life. Okay, enough of sounding philosophical. Enjoy your life, but remember that limit is always important in life. Have a great life ahead.

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