FoodMania Part 1: Bihari Cuisine by Alpesh Gaurav

India is a country of varieties, be it culture, be it language, be it religion or be it food. Indian food comes not only with a great taste but also with an amazing appearance.

Food blogging has become quite a good profession and in recent times this job profile has seen a great hike in India. Food bloggers are the people who make even the dullest of the food look attractive. They are the one who tantalize you with the mouth watering food they present through their blogs and posts.

Today, I will be presenting to you a food blogger who has raised the level of Bihari Cuisine to a whole new level. He is Mr. Alpesh Gaurav from Patna and he makes the normal Bihari food look so attractive that I appease my appetite for Bihari foods by looking at his Instagram Posts.

Let me show you few pictures of King of Bihari Cuisine Litti Chokha posted by him:

Another image of Litti Chokha, but this is fried litti chokha, tastes almost as delicious as Litti Chokha but nothing can be as delicious as the actual litti chokha made on coal stove:

Another combination, but this time it is litti with kheer, ladyfinger and mango slice:

Just with these three images, you can understand the expertise of Alpesh Gaurav, he has acquired this expertise with his hard work and constant work. When asked about his inspiration to become food blogger, he said, Everyday I used to see lots and lots of Junk Food & outside food related content on instagram,and because of this I thought of Creating a feed where only homemade and specially Bihari food will get Space.I got a Spark when one of my very first post suddenly got 1200+ likes and ironically I was not having even 100 followers at that time😂….But I must need to mention that the Main reason behind my daily motivaton is my super awesome Instagram family.”  

Few more mouth watering dishes here:

The dish you see above seems to be very simple but since I have tasted it myself when my mother used to make it, I must say that it tastes amazing. When I asked Mr. Alpesh Gaurav whether he is going to pursue food blogging as a full time job in future, he said,”I am definitely not going to pursue  this thing as my full time work…I definitely have lots and lots of other plans to work on😁”. This clearly tells us that he does this out of his hobby and one can figure out that if someone can be so perfect in his hobby,he will be Mr.Perfect when he goes for some full time profession.

The image below is of a Punjabi Cuisine but decorated in a Bihari way:

Better knows as pancakes in foreign countries, this is commonly cooked as breakfast in Bihari homes since it is very easy to be cooked in comparatively less time as well as tasty.

No one uses Sattu as much as Biharis. The dish you see below is known as Makuni in hindi. It is believed that eating Makuni on Saturdays will bring good luck to you. I asked Mr. Alpesh Gaurav whether his mother yells at him for doing so much decoration of food she makes, he said, “Yes”.

And after those delicious food show, it’s time for snack show. And Mr. Alpesh did not stay behind in this race as well. He has presented almost all kinds of snacks being eaten in Bihar, why don’t you taste them virtually?

The level of dedication Mr. Alpesh Gaurav puts into his food blogging is awesome. Everyone must be thinking that no one does things without any personal benifit. Looking at the number of followers Mr. Alpesh Gaurav has, he can easily get sponsors and earn money through food blogging but when asked about how much has he earned through this, he said, I haven’t earned a Single Rupee yet through my Instagram….But I have earned lots of Love & Respect.” I must salute his humbleness, he was so humble to give interview even though he was busy with his works. I have also asked him bluntly whether when is he going to invite me for litti chokha at his home and he was kind enough to agree to invite me very soon. I hope we meet real soon, not for any professional work but for a feast of litti chokha.

Here is his Instagram id, do follow him if you want to appease your appetite.

Alpesh Gaurav

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