11 unknown facts about Atal Bihari Vajpayee which you shouldn’t miss!

                                In the evening of 16th of August, 2018 we lost a gem of our country. I am talking about none other than Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He was our former PM who led India to great heights during his thrice reign as Prime Minister of India. Any word of praise will be insufficient when comparing with the personality of Atal Ji. Most of you must be aware of a majority of things about Atal Ji but still there are facts that sometimes go unnoticed even about the most popular personalities. The whole nation is in grief due to his demise but isn’t it true that he is Atal, Atal means Immovable, the one who can’t ever be moved or removed from our hearts. His body is cremated but his soul is always there showing us the path of the righteous. Here are few things that you need to know about our beloved Atal Ji:

  • Quit India Movement Conspiracy: It is said that Atal Ji requested and begged Britishers to release him from jail but as per Atal Ji, he never requested them and they released him because they had no evidence and he was not a big name in the list of freedom fighters back then. Atal Ji remembered this as one of the biggest dark spots on clean image of his.
  • Meritorious Student: Atal Bihari Vajpayee was a meritorious student from his childhood. His father was a teacher in Gwalior and Atal Ji wanted to study from Kanpur but due to low income of family he decided to graduate from Gwalior itself. But the kind hearted King of Gwalior came to know about this and he provided a scholarship of handsome amount of ₹75 which was a big amount back then. That’s how Atal Ji post-graduated from his dream college DAV College,Kanpur.
  • Love Life: Yes you read it right, he had a love life too. It is rumoured that Atal Ji used to love the princess of Gwalior. He even sent a love letter kept inside a book to her but before she could respond to his letter, he got his scholarship from King and went to Kanpur for his studies.
  • Leisures and Luxuries: He never bothered about his position. Atalji used to love cheap thrills. He used to go to Dehradun for vacations and then used to ride his friend’s Vespa to wander around in Mussoorie. He was fond of Laddoo’s from Gwalior and Margherita Pizza from his favourite restaurant in Manali.
  • Nehru’s Ideology: Despite being associated with RSS, he followed his own ideology which were mostly inspired by Jawaharlal Nehru. That’s the reason he was loved by both hindus and muslims. He was not a crowd gatherer, he was a crowd getter.
  • Poet: He was a great poet with a lots of amazing poems in his collection. He never wanted to create controversy and thus he never gave direct controversial statements. Instead of that, he preferred saying those statements in a poetic way. A true genius.
  • Father-Son Classmates: During his study of law in Kanpur, Atal Ji never felt lonely in college. You know why? Because he got a friend from his home itself. His father was his classmate and both of them used to sit together in class. Their stay together during the college time led to a strong bond among them.
  • His influence in Pakistan: Atal Bihar Vajpayee has a great influence in Pakistan, thanks to his personality. He was the first PM of India to give a speech from Minar-e-Pakistan. It is jokingly said that had he contested in Pakistan Election, he would have been PM of Pakistan as well.
  • Foreign Visits: Despite being in the opposition, he went to UN when PV Narsimha Rao requested him to represent India. He was the first person to deliver a speech in Hindi at the UN. During one of his famous visit of Afghanistan, he requested them to take him to Ghazi(which is a very small village) just to see that how can someone from a small village like that make the whole Ancient India shiver and threatened.

                                 Despite all the achievements and publicity of his, he never had an arrogant attitude. He was so down to earth and very specific about the use of government services. He never used government services for his personal use. In 1997, when his granddaughter was to be married, he went to the event without any special forces and attended the complete event just like any common man. Not all popular personality know how to keep their followers happy and sometimes they even get annoyed at their followers, but a true influencer will always be down to earth and genuine towards people who have supported him/her to reach that point where he/she is identified as an influencer. And Atal Ji was the one who knew how to keep his followers happy and how to stay generous and down to earth. That’s the reason he has no haters. We are going to miss this gem of personality. Also, you failed to notice that there are only nine points in the list. But that’s okay as this is sufficient enough.

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