Things to Remember for College Freshers

Things to Remember for College Freshers!

Student life is one of the best phases of life. Even student life is divided into school life and college life. College life is the last phase where you can enjoy and have fun without caring much on what others will think about it. Since you have recently joined college you must be having a lot of mental makeups of how different things might turn out to be and that’s the reason I have written in detail about that in my article Things You’ll Do On First Day of Your College.

Writing too much is my habit but I don’t want you excited peeps to wait more to know about things you should be doing in the college that’s why I will start with my list right here:

  • Be confident: Self-confidence is the key to success in almost any field (where you want to be the best). The same goes on with college. You have to be confident if you don’t want to be trolled, ignored, verbally thrashed by teachers, or physically thrashed by grumpy seniors. There is a bad habit of leaving things to another day. Avoid that. You have to become confident from first day and don’t push this back into some shitty schedule that you never bother to see.
  • Stay away from distractions: Booze parties, drug drags, hookah junctions, porn-club, and meaningless relationships are the biggest reason of distractions when you are a fresher. You have just got out from school and you feel like trying almost everything and that’s when you tend to make mistakes that can’t be rectified. So it is much better to avoid these distractions beforehand.
  • Learn new things: Every college has a lot of clubs that teach you a lot of skills. If you have a hobby then join its respective club or if you don’t have one, make it by joining any random club that seems good to you. College clubs are famous for producing skilled persons because they work hard to get the best out of you. There is a disadvantage of clubs as well. You get so much indulged into their activities that you start ignoring your studies and focus more on these activities. Studies are important up to an extent. I’ll come to that part later.
  • Stay active and make contacts: Keep yourself updated with the happenings of your college. You can refer to notice boards and campus management systems for the same. Make contacts with as much people as you can. Try to participate in various college events during free time, that is the best way to meet new people from different departments, who eventually, turn into good friends later on.
  • Friendship is important: Making friends is one of the most important tasks in college life and that too, avoiding fake friends is the best thing you can do. Friendship with seniors is best because you get to learn a lot from their experience. Be very specific with the type of friends you have because if you get into a wrong friend circle you’ll probably end up landing in some big trouble. Make friends who are productive to you and return the productivity as well, in some way or the other.
  • Dress to impress: Having a good dressing sense is a boon, but a good dressing sense doesn’t always mean wearing expensive branded outfits, rather it means to look decent in any kind of clothing. Following trend is a gesture that is appreciable but blindly following a trend makes you look foolish sometimes rather than making you stylish. You will have to mind your dress code because it is truly said that you are being judged as per your dressing sense.
  • Attendance is important: Most students fall prey to the fake stories of students, and to delusion of our favourite Bollywood classes where attendance is just a puppet thing. But remember one thing, attendance is an important aspect because there are universities which detain you in subjects when you can’t match minimum attendance criteria and then you will be penalised if you want to give exam for that particular subject. The amount of fine will blow your mind. That’s why it is advised that you make sure to attend classes along with bunking because maintaining the least criteria is an expert’s job.
  • Partying is optional: Enjoy your college life to a limit instead of partying every day. Remember that you are a student and not a billionaire so better focus on becoming a billionaire rather than partying just to match the standard of your friends’.
  • Every senior is not an evil: There are strict seniors who love to make you cry. Ragging is still a fashion in majority of colleges. College authorities keep boasting about various Anti-Ragging rules but ragging does happens to some extent. You need to find a good senior and do friendship with him so that you don’t feel depressed because good seniors serve like an ointment on the injury of ragging.
  • Assignments do have some value: You’ll hear a lot of people saying that assignments are of no value, copy them from someone else or don’t even bother to submit them. Even I agree with it to some extent but they do have value if you make them yourself instead of blindly copying them. When you make them yourself, you will gain in-depth knowledge about the given topics and that will become helpful for your exams or future as well.
  • Know your campus: Explore your campus for food joints, stationaries, confectionaries, etc. You should know thoroughly about which things are available on which shops so that you can easily navigate to that shop whenever in need. This may sound stupid but I don’t care how I’m sounding here!
  • Procrastination is the real enemy: Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something. It happens very frequently during college life. We postpone today’s task to tomorrow, tomorrow be task to day after tomorrow, and the process goes on. You won’t even realise how much time you waste on useless things, and suddenly the pressure of exams come above our head rendering us frustrated. That’s why try to avoid it in the first place itself.
  • Study is most important: Remembering this point is most important because the only purpose with which your parents have sent you to the college is to study, so it is your duty to do that sincerely. Study for knowledge rather than just for marks. Every single industry asks for a degree (If you are an Indian, then it is damn sure!).

Enough of this wisdom sharing for the day. It is upon your choice whether you want to comprehend with this or not. At least try to keep these in your mind, but don’t follow rote learning because this is just an article, not a thesis which needs to be remembered. Have a great day!

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