Things You’ll Do on first day of Your College [Personal Experience]

First day of college comprises a lot of feelings. You will be surrounded by a huge cloud comprising of a mixture of fear, anticipation, hesitation, joyfulness, confusion, exasperation, and a lot other ingredient. Until your first day of college comes around the corner, the only idea of college life you have is the one we have seen in Bollywood movies where every college seems like entertainment club rather than a college. In my case, I was expecting a grand entry into the class with a background music from Main Tera Hero (a Bollywood movie by Varun Dhawan).But alas! I had no entry, because I was late for the class (Yup! I had that bad habit of sleeping till late hours because in most cases, first day is the only day of college when students reach the college earlier than the given time). It seemed like all dreams came down crumbling, but that was just the beginning. I always thought that no one cares about what you were doing in college and that’s the reason why I started using mobile phone in the corridor. Little did I notice that behind me was a notice being stuck on the wall where it clearly read, “No Mobile Phones Here”. Another scolding came in from a senior, who was well prepared with his plans to rag the juniors like me. Yes! You will be ragged by seniors but that doesn’t mean those high level tortures seen in few Bollywood movies. Ragging sometimes turns out to be very productive, you get to know many seniors and most of them become your friends eventually.

Many secrets and myths about the college will unfold on the first day of college. You will have love (or better said, affection) at first sight with someone whom you don’t even know and end up wasting a hell lot of time on them. I happened to follow a girl who wasn’t even in my college. I saw her near sports ground and then blindly started searching for her in every department. Even got bashed by few seniors for that but I considered myself a brave heart and that’s why I kept on struggling to find her. Did you know who she was? She was a student from neighbouring town who came to drop someone to the college. It took almost two months to get these two lines of details about her. Had I studied instead of doing this for that time period, I would have topped my college.

College authorities are so clever in engaging students that they plan some cultural event in the first week of the commencement of course. You will fall prey to their event and believe that the Bollywood movies do show truth to some extent, but one week into the college and everything goes out of sight in a snap of finger. They also plan your interaction with some senior students who just got placed in some MNCs just to convince you that you too are going to get an opportunity. The interaction instils a desire to get same job as theirs and eventually leads to you worrying about job interviews that are going to happen three years down the line. Talking about myself, when I saw those seniors talking about how they worked hard to achieve that feat and how they made their parents proud I vowed to myself that I will also do the same and made a time table which has the self-study slot of around four hours but god knows if I studied that much even during the exam. The lesson is that don’t go for immediate reaction on something, analyse anything before acting on it.

The best part about first class are introductions. You will see a lot of people (maybe you also) fumble while introducing themselves. It is because a lot of new people from all over the country are looking at you just like a TV Screen is being stared at during an India-Pakistan Match. The teachers ask you about your passion, hobby, and area of specialisation which most of you have not yet decided and that is another reason why introduction seems awkward. My favourite thing to do on the first day was judging students of our class on the basis of their accent. I found a partner in crime and then started joking around making funny and mysterious names of different people.

There may be people among you who might not make friends on the first day itself. Remember that it is totally acceptable not to make a friend on the first day itself because you will have a whole gang of friends once you start coming regularly to the class. It turns out to be pathetic when you are from some outer state and you listen majority of people conversing in local language. That moment you feel like being separated from the whole world but don’t take it that way, it will become your habit when you start listening it regularly. If you are comfortable then try to learn that language as well so that it becomes easy for you to understand them and convey your feeling to them. I, personally, choose to learn the abuses of every language primarily because I don’t want any unknown guy to abuse me in their own language.

As the first day of college will come to an end, you will find yourself in the bathroom, crying alone in silent mode so that no one knows that you are crying. You will remember that fancy food made by your mother and cry harder. Oh god! That time is the worst time. Though I never cried like this but I used to wake up at night in hunger just to realise that I was in hostel and I don’t have access to that magical refrigerator of home which used to have whatever thing I desired to eat.

Sweet and sour combination of the first day experience by majority students in college comes to an end here as I don’t want to give you every idea about the first day. Of course, you should find some new amazing things yourself rather than knowing everything here in the article. If you are going to encounter your first day of college really soon then consider leaving below a comment on your experience and if you are reading this just to feel nostalgia then do share it with your friends to make them feel nostalgic as well.

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