This is how you can join the league of being creative !

You don’t always get time to learn everything you desire to. Now, you might say that in this digital world we can learn anything we want but let me tell you that because of the long length of the courses, there is a low course completion rate of 10-15%(Source: INC42). You must be wondering why does it happens. It is because our brain doesn’t like to intake creative courses in a very un-creative way.

What’s the solution? Grades Don’t Matter! No, I’m not trying to sound philosophical. It is the name of an educational platform (app) where you get to learn a lot of creative skills from the best in those fields. At least, for those of you from India, you will be familiar with the faces from whom you will learn those courses. And the best thing about the courses is that the whole course content will be covered in a duration of 1-1.5 hrs.

Every course has a well-known experienced mentor who has divided the course into small video modules of 5-10 minutes. The small duration of the videos keeps the excitement intact for the course which otherwise fades away in case of long duration courses. This is also a drawback for those who want to learn those skills deeply. They have to be satisfied with that small course itself.

When I personally started learning various skills, it always happened that when the course started getting interesting, it used to end. The excitement level will be maintained in the course right from the beginning to the end. I was also content with this app because I don’t have to make hard copy notes like we do in conventional classroom courses.

Once you pay for the course, you are eligible to download the workbook that contains the notes from the lectures given by mentors. The course fee is not very high. You have to pay a mere amount of Rs.99 for a single course which gives lifetime access to course materials. Also, there is a monthly subscription plan priced at Rs.199 in which you can access all the courses for a duration of 30 days.

One thing that I found not up to the mark is that the videos can’t be downloaded for offline stream and things get worst when the video lags even when you have an excellent internet speed. Also, there is a discussion section where you can ask questions from your mentor, that have never been answered in my case. I hope this problem gets solved by the excellent team of Grades Don’t Matter. 

You are not termed literate unless you have a certificate of literacy.

In order to comply with the above sentence, Grades Don’t Matter also provides a certificate of completion, signed by mentors themselves. The certificates don’t have any grades on them because grades don’t matter to the mentors as well as to the team of Grades Don’t Matter.

In case you want to start learning those skills then you can start off by downloading the app from playstore and registering your account. Thanks, Varun Malhotra for giving such a nice platform to the people who always wanted to learn something creative.

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