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How to earn a whopping amount of ₹ 2,50,000 ?

Money often costs too much.

Money is something that never comes easily, and if it has come easily then it will go quickly for sure. The title of this article must be giving an idea of being a click-bait title but don’t worry it is not a click-bait article. I will be telling you the exact method by which you can earn ₹ 2,50,000. But there is a catch, it is neither going to be quick nor going to be easy.

That’s why I wrote the first line to make everything clear in the first place itself. There are processes through which you will have to go in order to earn the prize. MySmartPrice, founded by IIM & NIT alumni, is India’s leading e-commerce price comparison, deals, and cashback website. They have come up with Student Entrepreneur of the Month Challenge.

At a certain point, anyone with talent and a great idea needs to stop executing and start leading others. In fact, if you want to grow by virtually any measure be it in your life or your career–you’ll need to step up as a leader at some point. You might not know when that moment will be, but that’s all needed to start developing your leadership qualities now. And if you’re already a leader who wants to move higher, you should never stop improving those skills. In Student Entrepreneur of the Month challenge, students get a chance to showcase their leadership and entrepreneurial skills by performing various team tasks that will be assigned once the competition begins on 10th August.

Talking about what you need to do right now, register your team name from the link by Clicking Here. Once you get your team name registered by your email id you need to make your own team of minimum five members whom you think worthy of doing different kind of tasks. Your chance of winning the prize money depends solely on the performance of your team so make sure to create a team that works together for success.

As of now, no tasks have been revealed by the company but as per sources, there might be tasks related to company promotion, app referrals and customer acquisition. This is an unconfirmed news so it is not sure.

If you personally ask me about the competition, this competition seems mind-blowing. It will have a lot of teams from all over the country and this will be a fun competition for sure. The winners will be getting a lot of prizes and I’m sure the company must be having surprises for the participants as well.

All you have to do is register on the link here and then wait for the competition to go live and enjoy the game after that. If you win, you go home with a lot of prize and money. If you lose, you go home with a lot of knowledge. Although you will be doing all the tasks sitting at home.

The best thing about this competition is that there is no entry fees. This makes a win-win situation for you. You have nothing to lose but ₹ 2.5 lakhs to win. If you are still thinking whether to register or not then I don’t know what convinces you. Call you closest one and ask them about this and I bet they will say Go for it.

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In case the above hyperlink does not work click here to register : https://www.bonusapp.in/p/eom/register-team/?ca=choubeyaditya483@gmail.com

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