Transgenders: Complicated face of Hooliganism

Obvious from the title itself, you can see that this article is about transgenders. If you are an Indian then there is no second thought that you will not be disappointed with them. According to Wikipedia, “Transgender” is an umbrella term that describes people whose gender identity or expression does not match the sex they were assigned at birth. For example, a transgender person may identify as a woman despite having been born with male genitalia. But as per an Indian mindset, whenever we talk about transgender, distinct image of hijras with loud claps and lots of makeup flashes in front of our eyes.

They are often being pitied for their condition. But if you are a traveller in Indian Railways, you will never pity on them. Reason is obvious, they are pure goons. Being a regular traveller in Indian Railways, I face them in each of my journey across the country. None of my encounters with them was good anyway. They are irritating, they are frustrating, they are embarrassing, they are humiliating and they are whatever worst you can term them. Now let me state the reason for this.

There is a zone of transgenders, for a range of cities. A group of few transgenders get into different trains and they ask you for money. Mind it! They don’t beg for money, they forcibly ask for your money. The money you earned with your hard work. The money you refused to give to that sweeper who swept the whole coach. The money you refused to give to that street artist who performed those crazy dance steps with lots of difficulty. That’s a different topic though. They don’t care about your status, even if you are sleeping or you are doing some important work. They don’t care about time, be it 4 AM in the morning or 1 PM in the noon. They don’t care whether you are happy or broke. A minimum charge of Rs.10 is a must pay in order to keep yourself safe from embarrassment. If you refuse to pay that amount, they strip themselves up and show you their private parts, not yet embarrassed? They will make you touch their private parts! Not yet embarrassed? They will slap you, beat you up and then take away your purse. That’s good! Right? There’s a solution to this, yes, let me call the police. No! They don’t intervene in the matters of transgenders. Pretty simple. From the starting of the journey till the end of it, you end up paying more than hundreds of rupees for almost nothing.

They are not just limited to trains. These transgenders also go to the houses of people where a male kid is born. They will find out from government records about the address of family where a kid is born. And then the same cycle happens. They ask for their desirable amount of money and in case of denial, they will embarrass you in front of the whole society by doing stripping, cursing the newborn and all. There is no police intervention in this case as well.

There are a lot of transgenders who chose different path and are very successful at present. Take examples of Rituparna Ghosh grabbing National Awards or awards at International Film festival, or example of Lakshmi Narayan Tripathi, who introduced the “Other” section in the gender column. There are many more examples that can be presented but the harsh truth is that being a hooligan is easier, that’s why majority of them chose the path of hooliganism rather than working hard to earn their bread.

There is a big reason behind why all this started. Laws in our country suppressed transgenders too much, they were not allowed to do jobs, they were not given equality and therefore, they found out this way for living. But there is a bad phase of everything. And that bad phase has passed away. Our government has passed laws in the recent years for the empowerment of transgenders but do they really need an empowerment or any kind of law for them when they take all the laws in their own hand and play with it? Do give it a deep thought.

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