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Saathi Helpline : Getting you out of Depression!

Saathi Helpline is what we will be talking about in this article.There are many things in our life, over which we don’t have any control. One of those entity is feeling.Have you ever been in a situation where you felt broke,lonely,and depressed? You may or may have not. Believe it or not  those are the worst stage of our life. That is the phase of life that you never want to look back at or if you are at that stage then you just want to get out of that phase anyhow. Now, the question arises, how ? We want to get out, but we don’t know how to get out. Saathi Helpline is the helpline that help the depressed ones to get out of their depression.

How it started?

Ankit Dutta, the founder of Saathi Helpline has a very common yet ironic reason for starting this organisation. He was in deep love with a girl who dumped him because she had various irrelevant reasons. Reasons like he was not suitable, he forces her to be in relationship, and obviously she chose to betray him despite his true love and support. Ankit found himself in the middle of Panic Attacks, Depression and various health issues. His family supported him during this time of crisis. He fought it with his strong determination and “never give up” attitude. But he was worried about other people who might be going through the same problem all over the country. Some might be getting over it while others might be giving in to it. That gave him the inspiration to start Saathi Helpline.

Ankit designed this platform spending sleepless nights for the individuals in Emotional distress. They have this whole team of 15 volunteers and do you know what is the best part ? They cover almost all kinds of depression. Whether you are depressed because of your love life,studies,issues related to cyberbullying, social media threats or any other, they make sure that you are helped.You will be treated just like a family member with utmost love and respect.

The best thing about Saathi Helpline is their dedication towards their work. They don’t take it as their job, they enjoy doing this and that’s why they are doing it. They are available to help you almost all the time 24/7*365. Of course, due to the compact number of members in the team, sometimes they might be unavailable but it is really appreciable on their part that they take calls at any time. You are in problem, they consider it as their personal concern and try to solve it as soon as possible.

How Saathi Helpline works?

The victim connects to helpline service via Live Chats or Calling sessions which is answered by well trained volunteers, which enables victim to talk over his/her feelings with the volunteer who offers non-judgmental, caring, empathic support. The volunteer will work with the caller to encourage greater understanding and awareness of the caller’s issues and to help the caller develop more positive coping strategies.Some have found themselves in situations where they feel they have no control over their own lives. The volunteers try to help them by whatever possible means, but there are times when someone does not understands it. This tells that nothing could be 100% perfect and so is Saathi Helpline. It does not assures your safety but it does promises that it will try its best to get you out of this unpleasant phase.

Saathi helpline is in no way a helpline that claims to prevent you from commiting suicides because all they can do is suggest ways and necessary actions to cope up with the situation, following them totally depends upon you.

Now coming to the privacy of the victim. Everyone loves their own privacy and never wants to ruin their privacy. Some people like to reveal this phase of their life whereas some want to keep it confidential. Irrespective of your choice, they keep all your personal data secured. Even the volunteers don’t have access to your private data.

What is the cost for using services?

After reading all this, you must be wondering what is the cost of all these process. You will be amazed to know that there is absolutely no charge for getting help from Saathi Helpline. Yes, you read it right. Go back and read it again, it’s free. If you find it really good then you can donate them as per your choice so that they can improve their quality of service with that money as well as donate the amount to orphanages.

How to join Saathi Helpline?

If you are interested in joining them, then you can join them online because the organisation is a complete online portal and it has no physical office space. They don’t ask for your educational qualification but they do care about your emotional qualification. You must have an understanding nature, a calm and composed mind, treat all the individuals as your own family member in order to become part of Saathi.

Overall Saathi has helped over 100 individuals to fight emotional distress and we must appreciate the efforts of Mr. Ankit who single handedly started this and then made a team, trained them and started working in a team. Like every other entrepreneur, he took the first step towards starting something unique. Saathi Helpline also organises seminars in schools to educate students about emotional distress and stress. And you will be surprised to know that he gives credit of all this to the same girl who cast him aside. That’s what you call true love. More power to you and your organisation, Ankit.

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If you found this article and this organisation helpful then do share it with the needy. I am really thankful to the team at Saathi Helpline for helping me with this article. They helped me at every step or every time. Thankyou guys.


This article contains my personal opinion and in not sponsored by Saathi Helpline. I wanted to present my views about this helpline. This helpline is very helpful and they help you without any money. Share this so that this organisation gets the recognition that it deserves. Thank You !

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