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Shahrukh Tells How to be a Superstar : And it’s damn easy !

The title of the article isn’t a clickbait at all. Each one of us has a desire, somewhere deep down at the bottom of our heart that I shall be superstar. But the truth is we don’t want to work for it. We just want to become a superstar, we admire every superstar we see, we love the luxurious life of a superstar, but in the end, we don’t know how to be a superstar. This is the reason I wrote this article after taking advice from the Superstar himself, King of Bollywood, Dr. Shah Rukh Khan. No, please don’t freak out and judge me. I didn’t talk to him. I found a very old video of him where he has given step by step tutorial of how to become a superstar. So, enjoy the tutorial ahead on how to become a superstar.

    • Always Be Late : Yes ! If you really want to become a superstar then don’t forget to wake up late. Never reach events on time, be late. That’s what superstar does. If you are on time, the you can’t be superstar. Sorry !

    • Always Look Pretty : Because this business is all about appearance and if you don’t look good then you can’t be a superstar. Keep yourself well touched up so that people remained attracted to you. You have to be sexy, good looking in order to be a superstar. Harsh, but true.

    • Never Let Your Co-Stars Push You : Pushing doesn’t mean that they’re going to push you from terrace or some mountain. Don’t let them push you means don’t let them dominate you. That’s a great quality of superstar. Superstar dominate their co-stars, with their thoughts, with their talent and with their everything possible. That’s why they are superstar dude !

    • Always Impress the Heroine : Impressing a heroine is always a big task but you need to impress her with every possible way you can ! Because that’s how she will make you feel like a superstar.

    • Always Show Off Your Talent : Talent is meant to be showed off. It can be a small talent or it can be a big talent, but if you know how to show it off to people without irritating them, then you’ve understood the tutorial of becoming a superstar really well.

If you’ve learned these 5 tricks then you can become a superstar for sure.These were the basics of becoming a superstar and if you want to continue getting in depth knowledge of becoming a superstar then you can call Shahrukh Khan on his phone number which I can’t reveal because you are not worth getting his phone number. Also if you want to see the tutorial of how to become a superstar in visual mode with the visual and sound of the superstar himself then you can watch the video yourself.

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