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Some things that teenager needs to understand during teenage !

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Hey there ! I hope all you must have been teenager at some point of life. What kind of stupid hope is that ? You must have been through teenage ! Teenager is that stage of life when you don’t actually understand what’s going through your mind and with every action you perform during teenage, you are either making or breaking some part of your future. You won’t even realise that things you’re doing for fun might end up as something harmful. Since I’m 21, and I’m just out of my teenage, I know what are the possible mistakes you can make during your teenage and I have got solutions on how to avoid them. And I haven’t done it alone. I have taken advice from all my friends who are just out of their teenage and I have compiled the most important points you need to keep in your mind if you want your teenage to be great without doing much of meddling with the future. So for all the teenagers, do consider to read all the points full and stay awake till the end of article !

    • Don’t be obsessed with Instagram Models : There are many beautiful girls on Instagram as well as handsome boys on Instagram whom these teenage boys/girls follow and get obsessed to them. Stop focusing on them, you aren’t getting them anyway. You know what’s better ? Completing your school homework ! They get money for their job and you teenagers fight over which chick is better and waste your time on them.
    • Study is important,teenagers ! : You might have heard stories about a lot of college dropouts, school dropouts who have been very much successful but believe me,failure rate is much higher than success rate. That’s why, you better study hard, go through your teenage, complete graduation and don’t take risky decision until you’re mature enough.

    • You are a teenager, not a goon : There are small group fights between different groups of teenagers. Avoid them ! You aren’t some Goon or someone from the last movie you watched. You are just a small kid in his teenage. You might end up getting hurt and having marks made up on your body that will stay with you for lifetime. That’s why, no fight, teenagers !
    • Figure out your passion, teenagers : Teenage is quite an early age for this task because even up to adulthood many times you’re not able to figure out about your career, your passion but still, teenage is the best time to analyse and at least filter your choices. Having your choices filtered make you more comfortable to narrow down your thought process in order to find better passion and reach at that point to become successful.

    • Don’t Hurry, Keep Calm : You must have heard from every other relative that without science stream your life won’t be easy but they never told you it won’t be easy with science stream either ! Teenagers are easily influenced by some powerful words and that’s where you must not be trapped. Take stream in which you are comfortable. Choose only that stream that doesn’t ruins your teenage. You must understand this thing that you should enjoy studying and you will enjoy only if the stream is of your interest !
    • Teenage is not for addiction : Dear teenager ! Smoking doesn’t makes you cool, it kills you eventually. Drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, porn and many other addictive things look fascinating to you but they have negative effects in long run. So stay as far as possible from them because they ruin you teenage, your adulthood or who knows, you might end your life in teenage itself all because of this.

  • Stay away from relationships : Teenage is exciting ! You get to see so many girls/boys and get attracted to them. You watch some romantic movie and start imagining those scenarios with some neighbour of yours or some other person. But, believe me, you won’t end up more than a year with that person even if you both promise to each other to stay together for the whole life ! That’s all crap. Don’t pass your teenage in talking craps of relationship over phone. Do things that make your life better. Make good friends, enjoy teenage with them and that’s how you enjoy life !


And the last point you need to focus on even if you ignored the above points

  • Respect your parents, teen : You might be angry during your teenage with your parents for something or because they might have scold you. Teenage is a time when we have a lot of adrenaline running through our nerve and we get angry suddenly on small things. We get excited for small things and there are many emotional changes in us during this time. All through this, never forget to respect your parents. Because they are the reason why you are here in your teenage shouting at them otherwise you would have been somewhere down the sewer. Be thankful to your parents for bringing you in this world.

After all these I would like to say that Teenage is that period of life where bad things attract us more than good things. Teenagers are easily influenced by any kind of people. Teenagers just need someone to tell them the easy way, the shortcut. Teenagers are always in search of comfort, but being in comfort won’t let you shape your future so dear teenagers, stop focusing on comfort and start using as much of your teenage as you can to shape a better future. Believe me, telling those entertaining stories to friend won’t get you a job when you reach that age. I’m not asking you to sacrifice your teenage in just carving your future but I’m asking you to have fun in limits during teenage. I’m asking every teenager to make time for everything in life. Time for fun, time for sports, time for study and time for themselves.There are things that might look fascinating to you during teenage but they might not look as appealing during adulthood, so stay focused, that’s the conclusive lesson of the whole article !

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