Deadpool will cost you a lot

Deadpool ! The Superhero that might cost you Money

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Hello everyone ! This post is going to cost you some 100 or 200 bucks so be sure whether you want to scroll forward or not. Don’t worry I won’t be taking that money but as you’ll find the specialities and coolness of Marvel Superhero Deadpool, you won’t be able to resist the excitement to watch him in theatres tomorrow. Deadpool is a superhero from Marvel Universe who has got almost every quality a superhero should possess as well as qualities of anti-hero as well. Deadpool is a funny guy who makes you laugh with his humour. Deadpool shocks you with his action skills. Deadpool amazes you with his superpowers. And finally Deadpool costs you few bucks if you want to feel the greatness of Deadpool in theatre. But don’t worry, I know you people will be watching Deadpool 2 using torrent, so let it be. Here are some of the amazing specialities of Deadpool, that some of you might be aware of if you’ve already watched Deadpool, that released on Valentine’s Day in 2016.

    • Deadpool is immortal, thanos has cursed him immortality to keep him away from death.
    • Deadpool is can grow necessary body parts when required.
    • Deadpool can teleport, in many comics Deadpool has been shown teleporting.
    • Deadpool was inspired from DC’s Deathstroke but to mock DC he was given a more funny appearance.

  • Deadpool believes both man and woman equal when killing but he is strictly against killing children.
  • Ryan Reynolds aka Deadpool revealed that the taxi driver character “Dopinder” was named after “a really cool guy” he knew in elementary school, who died when he was hit by lightning. It was meant to be a tribute to him.
  • This is Ryan Reynolds’s fifth time in a comic book movie as Deadpool.
  • Deadpool has healing power same as Wolverine, and that is what Wolverine is worried about. At the End only they two will survive.

If you are reading these till now then I’m damn sure that you’re impressed by Deadpool and you’re booking your tickets for Deadpool 2. Also, there are few bonuses in the movie as well. Those bonuses are the funny character Dopinder, the whole of X-Force team and the one and only, hot girlfriend of Deadpool, Baccarin. I have already pre-booked my tickets on BookMyShow and I’ll be going in for the first day first show, and I hope you don’t want to regret missing the show for Deadpool 2. So, hurry up, book your tickets for the sake of Deadpool and have fun.

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