Happy Mother's Day

Mother or Other ? Mother’s Day Special !

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Mothers are surely the mightiest creation of nature. A mother gives life to someone who is non-existence. A mother becomes the source of life for a living human. A mother is someone who feels the pain of almost 206 bones broken at the same time, just to bring that little one to life. A mother is nothing less than a miracle. A mother works day and night just to make her children happy. A mother is not just a female parent who bears womb of their off spring for nine months, but also someone who spend their life’s experience in shaping their child’s future in in-numerable ways. A mother is the one who sacrifices an important part of her life in taking care of her child, and doesn’t mind suffering in-order to prevent their child from it.And there are many other reasons why a mother is best in the world.

Today it is mother’s day and the most modern way of celebrating mother’s day is by posting pictures of our mother on social media with some fancy captions. Though I know that this seems much funny to trollers because most mothers don’t use social media. But still, you should try to post wishes on social media or if not that, then wish her on phone, or reach out to your mother personally or reach out to someone whom you respect like your mother and wish her as Happy Mother’s Day. Don’t think of those shitty arguments like why respect her on single day, and why not for the whole year, because they’ll just divert your mind. Think of this like this is her special day, just like birthday or some special moment, mother’s day is a special day for a mother.

According to me, we should post Mother’s Day wishes to your mother because this is the only special day in the year and this day must not be wasted on justifying others whether they love their mother or not. People are judging each other whether he or she loves their mother or not. Better everyone should focus on making their mother feel special on this mother’s day. Everybody has their own way of showing their love to their mother. Everybody have their own preference whether to post their wish on social media or to directly reach out their mother and wish them.

From my point of view, Laughter Mania has given me such wonderful readers, a lot of you might be mother or a lot of you might become mother in future. Also, the rest of you will be responsible for making someone mother and giving them the pleasure of motherhood, so I don’t want to miss out this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day and please share this with your mother so that I get blessings of your mother and become successful. Come on, press that share button, don’t be jealous, I won’t take away yours blessing from your mother, I’ll just take mine.

So, consider it as an advice or whatever you want to consider, make her feel special today by gifting something or by doing things that she loves but since she is your mother, make her feel special everyday by taking out some time for her from your busy schedule and spending that time with her. There could be no better gift than this.

Below is the story of origination of celebrating mother’s day in the world that started from US. You can read the full story below. It was taken from Quora.
Read Emma Walton‘s answer to Why is Mother’s day celebrated? on Quora

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