Yo Yo Honey Singh is Back !!

Yo Yo Honey Singh is Back !!

Yes ! You read it absolutely right. Yo Yo Honey Singh has been a singer whose songs has made us to dance even if we didn’t know how to dance. It was just automatic. The way he sang, the beats of his music and finally the lyrics. He was the one who brought the trend of rapping in the Indian Industry and was inspiration for a lot of youngsters. But for almost last two and half years he hasn’t sung any song and that’s the reason we are really eager to know about him.

We even heard rumours that Honey Singh is dead but all of them proved to be hoax when finally Honey Singh made a statement in which he said that he suffered from Bipolar Disorder, wherein he had hyperexcitability and depression episodes. To which he was given aid by four doctors and strict medication for full 18 months.

Now where did we come to know that he is coming back ? I recently saw a song Believe ! Hogi Meri Jeet and then flashed the name of the guy whom every music lover is missing so much. Yo Yo Honey Singh .Out of curiosity, I watched that video and realized that once a star is always a star. And with his comeback song, he has proved that he is back stronger and better.

In case you’re wondering where to find that song. Watch it here : 

 The lyrics tell a tale that will connect you to your bad times and inspire you of what you are and your worth. He adds that he has penned down his isolated times in the form of “Khulli Shayari” which he will put up particularly for his fans and allow them to have a perception of what he felt in the course of his absentia from the industry. He dedicates a special song to his mother while he saw her broke down to bits watching her very own son suffer from the sickness.

Even during his absentia from Industry, he wasn’t just resting and passing time. He started learning various international tunes. He feels his comeback should be bigger and intense that proves his role and suffices the project of a Chartbuster performer.  I really believe that the comeback of the highest paid singer of bollywood will be grand.

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