Yes ! I am alive

Hey there ! Sorry for being away from Laughter Mania from last 16-17 days. I missed many things in the way. But let me tell you everything in brief.

So last article was posted on 11th of October and after that it felt like I’ve disappeared. I got lot of messages regarding this but I’m really sorry for the delay. On 12th I was really busy with some work like making some project for one of my best friend and then packing my bags for the holiday 😊. Yes! I went home for Diwali. And as I went home I thought I would continue with the articles but instead of that, at home I started with my earlier profession, that is, acting. Yes! Hurrah 😂 I started making YouTube videos again.

You can checkout my latest creations here :

This 5 year child was Hungry and I fed him | Actor Tarun Pruthi | Spoof | 

Diwali With A Fattu Friend Ft. Nilay | Make Joke Of Fattu Friend | (Headphones Recommended)

When Your Friend is a Gym Freak Ft. Nilay | Make Joke of Friend |(Headphones Recommended)

When You Are Monitor of the Class Ft. Nilay Ranjan |Latest Funny Video| Chulbula Choubey | (Headphones Recommended)

So this is what I was actually doing at my home. As well as I was busy with the shopping and other works related to Diwali and Dhanteras.

One day I even thought of writing an article but then I thought that if I write it in a hurry then you won’t get what actually is the life of this website, quality. That was the reason I didn’t write from my home.

But the best thing about this vacation was meeting my parents and then meeting my girlfriend after so long. Seriously speaking, long distance relationship sucks. But what else can be done, let it be.

I came back to Chandigarh on 24th but then my exams were on from 25th and it just ended on 28th so that was the story of my disappearance from Laughter Mania.

Now you must be thinking that if you were away just because of going to home or exam then will it happen every time you go to home or you have exam. So, the answer is no ! There might be disturbance, or there might be a gap on some day but it won’t happen again that I am away from my website for so long.

Sorry for being so late. And also

Belated Happy Diwali

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So that’s all I want to say for now. Bye bye for now and start spreading the word that yes Aditya is alive ! Keep supporting Laughter Mania. Take Care.

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