Supreme Court Bans Cracker : Twitteratis Have Got Most Amazing Response

Supreme Court Bans Cracker : Twitteratis Have Got Most Amazing Response

You know this was actually expected. Not only by me, but by almost the whole country. Because everything from environment to the life of people comes into concern whenever its some Hindu festival. So this year, our dearest Supreme Court had the best(at least for some hypocrites) surprise in its pocket for us. So it surprised us yesterday by banning sale and use of Firecrackers in Diwali.

This means that all the license issued to Shopkeepers by Police to sell “Firecrackers” are temporarily invalid till November 1st. Diwali is the biggest festival that gives profit to shopkeepers. Shopkeepers were furious at the decision and they adviced that “Instead of banning these small crackers, they should better ban Nuclear Bombs. But just like every event, Twitteratis got their stuff to spend their day. So here are few of the most hilarious tweets that were tweeted during the whole day yesterday.

This Guy is Sikh yet he feels the Pain

If this happens then war will be waged

I think Chetan Bhagat wrote something sensible for the first time in a while

Is that true ?

Hahaha… This one was hilarious

This is the hard truth

Okay so I’m waiting for this

We’ll stop using crackers once you stop using these

Lord Ram turns into AK Hangal

They can suppress weaker section only

Yes, we won’t try to save environment on one day

Yeah dear SC, Please tell us ?

So this was all that happened the whole day yesterday. These were some of the best tweets on #CrackerBan. According to me, this was not a very great decision but what can be done now. It is the highest court of India so we have to follow it.

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