Interesting and Weird Interview Experiences-Part Ten

Interesting and Weird Interview Experiences-Part Ten

Interview experiences are the things which every person should know just to avoid the same situation in any further encounters. That’s the reason why I’ve presented this series Interesting and Weird Interview . And you people have been giving so much love to all four of our series. Check our Laughter Mania Originals here. So before wasting any more time let me begin the next part of this awesome series by letting Suniel X Siwan  narrate his story :

Laughter Mania Originals

TCS came on 17th October in our college and that was a 2 day recruitment process. First day was for aptitude test and the second day, there was an interview round.

I wrote their test on 17th October and got selected for the next Interview Round. As I was mechanical engineer I was not at all serious for this Interview. I don’t know anything about computer languages. And on 17th October there was a birthday of one of my friend and we went out for party at that night. And each and every one of us were selected for the next round, we never took it seriously so we decided not to take any tension about it and concentrate on shahi paneer and murthal parantha’s

I got up late on 18th October and then saw everyone was in that black and white formals so I decided that I must go. We had to report there at 10 and I was bathing in hostel at 11. I came in my room searched for formals and guess what? No formals. I put on a plain shirt and a chino and went there with no CV. But I managed it.

Now you might be thinking that why I had come if I did not want to work in TCS.

So let me tell you guys it was a girl who forced me to come. I liked her that’s why I reported there.

(I somehow managed formals from some unknown Training placement representative who was from penultimate year and changed in college’s bathroom)

My turn for the interview was right next to my friend. He came out of the room and said yeh gurgaon ka hai ! ( He is from Gurgaon). Then I entered the room. There was a semi bald man in his late 20s was sitting with my CV. Let’s call him C.

C: Introduction ?

Me : I am Sunil Siwan born and brought up in gurgaon, also known as the cyber city or your city and I am in…..(interrupted)

C: what? What do you mean by your city ?

Me: Sir, I am from Gurgaon and the candidate before me was also from Gurgaon and co incidentally you are also from Gurgaon. So, that makes a special connection between us. ( Was trying to control my laugh)

C: Who told you this? ( Laughing)

Me: Sir, the guy who walked out from the room just now.

C: But I am not from Gurgaon, (laughing) ok! Tell me what difference it would have made if I was from Gurgaon ?


C: (Still laughing loudly) seriously do you think so ?

Me: Sir see , I wouldn’t have said this if you were like others Interviewers.

C: And what do you mean by this?

Me: I mean sir you look so young cool and calm. You just look like my big brother that’s why I said this.

C: ok .. ok.. Tell me do you know any computer language?

Me: Sir, I was in a party yesternight and I could not read anything. But I know I will learn in the training period.

C: Anything about the language?

Me: Sir I can remember one thing only


ME: Sir it was developed in AT&T LAB.

C: haahahhaha and anything else do you remember ?

Me: Sir we have many languages.

C: Ok name them ?

Me: Sir C , C+, C ++

C: can you tell me the difference between them?

Me: Sir there is only one difference the +ve sign is in increasing with the C.

C: ( he burst in laughter, a loud one) brother, you are amazing I will remember this difference for my whole life , thank you and you can go now?

ME: ( i was also laughing) Thank you Sir. Sir, can I ask you one question?

C : YES ?

ME: Sir, where are you from ?

C: Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh!

ME: hahaha thank you sir ! (Shook hands)

VERDICT: Happily Rejected !

Remember, I told you about the girl whom I liked and gave interview because of her.

She is with me now, and we both are in love with each other!

What could we conclude from this story ?  That a girl can change you and your way of living. And yes, everything in this world is not exactly the way it looks like. Just like we can deduce from his example of C,C+ and C++.

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