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Save Paper : The Story of Hypocrisy

Today’s story is gonna be a little different. You people must have come across slogans like : “Save Paper-Save Environment”, “Save Paper- Save Trees” but the biggest hypocrisy is that these slogans are being printed on papers. Means eventually some amount of paper is wasted in order to tell people about saving paper.

One of my friend, Anil, works with some organisation (Jiska naam main bilkul nahi lunga) where just like every organisation they were running in the race to prove that they were very environment conscious, eco friendly. So the organisation decided that they will run a campaign with the motto of Save Paper. The HR department proposed a design for poster and Anil was appointed the job of printing the poster.

As much as 500 posters were printed for the event. It was all set, the posters were about to be sent for promotion and being put up on hoardings but guess what happened ? Before sending those posters out, it was sent to the Head of Organisation just for display and he did not like the design. It was ordered by the head of organisation that these posters should not be used and new posters with enhanced design must be used.

Finally those posters were destroyed and another set of 500 posters were printed for the campaign.

Wow, what a campaign of Save Paper !

But as we all know. It is India and hypocrisy is spread all across India.

Now I have the best suggestion if someone from Environment Ministry is reading this post. My suggestion is that we must ask Educational Institutes to stop taking exams. Because in every exam, there is always just one topper and other people’s papers are eventually wasted. So it would be better if no exam is conducted. भाई का सपोर्ट करो! इस पोस्ट को इतना शेयर करो की ये पोस्ट शिक्षा विभाग तक पहुँच जाये 😂😂😂 

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