Bigg Boss 11 : Most Shocking Decision

Bigg Boss 11 : Most Shocking Decision

I believe Bigg Boss is nothing but a show full of drama, fight, love stories and many other things. Last week of Bigg Boss was completely filled with drama due to Zubair Khan’s besuited behaviour, Shilpa Shinde and Vikas fights were controversial and what not ? Arshi Khan almost tried to fuel the fire in every fight. But Bigg Boss is all about Salman Khan’s shocking decision. And yesterday night, he gave this shocking decision.

Yes the most dearest guy who was the first favourite to be one of the finalist of Bigg Boss was evicted from the house.

Priyank Sharma was evicted from the Bigg Boss house last night and the reason was really petty. His only mistake was that he got indulged in someone else’s fight and pushed Akash Dadlani. But Salman reminded him that he was the one who first held Akash’s collar and according to Bigg Boss contestant policy physical violence in the house will not be tolerated at all.

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