Isn't it satisfying ? Unexpected meeting with a beautiful girl

Isn’t it satisfying ? Unexpected meeting with a beautiful girl

Satisfaction is a thing which is very hard to be achieved.

Everyone is unsatisfied with something or the other thing. Nobody is completely satisfied with their life. But today, I want to share my story which is eventually everyone’s story, experienced by everyone at some point of his/her life. 

It was during December last year. My Semester Exams were going on. I went to the allotted exam center, just like my usual time,i.e. 15 minutes late. It was Physics exam and I have never been good at Physics. Somehow I managed to memorise some of the theorems and formulas. Just as I entered the exam hall, I was awestruck. I got seat beside a very beautiful girl. Isn’t that satisfying ? No not yet. 

I got my answer sheet and question paper, but my time passed just looking at the beauty of that girl. One hour passed, another hour passed, another half hour passed and then I was like Ohh F*ck . 

My hand froze (though they were already frozen par idhar apne aap ko angrej dikhane ke liye likh diya), my heart pounded heavily (dhak dhak kar rha tha ) and that was the moment I realised that I forgot all the theorem just to focus on that beauty. Still I started writing at a speed of 14682629 words per minute(You lazy !! You didn’t read that number ! Koi nahi maine bhi bina soche hi likh diya). The time passed by, and then the climax arrived. Last two minutes were left and you know what was the biggest satisfaction for me at that time ? I was frightened that I can’t complete the exam but was satisfied that I was sitting on the last bench, that means I would be the last one whom the teacher would snatch paper from. I kept writing and teacher kept shouting that Put your pens down. And finally, just as I put full stop on the last question I knew, the teacher snatched my paper. No worries ! At least I wrote whatever I knew. Isn’t that the biggest satisfaction ? Oh and yes, you must be thinking that why is exam more satisfying to him when he got such a beautiful girl sitting besides him ? So let me tell you that just as we are asked to suppose X=100 in maths, I supposed that I was sitting besides a girl and wasted my two and half hours. I am not that lucky to meet a girl and that too at such a place like exam hall. Never, I repeat never. I am destined to die single. Haha. 

Sorry for that Joke part but what should I do ? Laughter Mania has a promise to Make You Laugh With a Twist.

But on a serious note, isn’t it the most satisfying moment during the last minutes of exam when it feels like we might miss few questions but then somehow we manage to finish all of them on time without having to beg examiner for extra time. That has an all different level of SWAG. 

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