Interesting and Weird Interview Experiences-Part Nine

Interesting and Weird Interview Experiences-Part Nine

Interview experiences are the things which every person should know just to avoid the same situation in any further encounters. That’s the reason why I’ve presented this series Interesting and Weird Interview . And you people have been giving so much love to all four of our series. Check our Laughter Mania Originals here. So before wasting any more time let me begin the next part of this awesome series by letting Saurabh Talreja  narrate his story : 

Laughter Mania Originals

Last year one of the core companies for Electrical Engineering came for placement in our college so there was huge cry among us to get selected in this company.

We managed to copy the aptitude test online,and got selected for the interview process. But our seniors told that they haven’t received the call letter yet and don’t opt for this company as pay is less and Placement cell won’t let you sit further for any other companies if you get selected in this.

So we made our mind to screw the interview and happily get rejected.One of my friend let’s say X went in for interview,

Some normal interview questions then,

HR-Do you know coding ?

X- No Sir

HR-So if given a chance to work with us,will you learn to code?

HR directly gave her indication that if she’s willing to learn then they’ll hire her easy as that.

THE GREAT X-No Sir,I don’t want to join your company.I want to pursue higher studies.

HR-Then why did you come for interview.

X-I just wanted to gain some experience as it’s my first interview

(Facepalm moment for HR and this made him furious,till her, HR was hiring any individual who would want to work for them)

Next Candidate,

Y-Good Evening Sir, I’m Y.

HR-Do you know coding?

Y- No Sir, but if given…. (Interrupting him)

HR-Thank You Y.

Rejected in less than 20 seconds.

After one year-The guys who got selected in that company got their call letter and have joined the company and are shaping their future,while we are left here with no call letters from IT companies due to mass layoffs.

MORAL-Never underestimate any company,time plays with all.

What is the conclusion of this story ? I must say that you guys are so lazy. Please !! I’m more lazy. Why should I always write the conclusion ? Okay :/ I’m writing it. So what we can conclude from this story is that never be so over confident about yourself that you keep underestimating everything that comes your way. And the most important tip, “Seniors patti padhate hain”(Seniors make you fool). 

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