Weird reasons that can lead you to lose your job

Weird reasons that can lead you to lose your job

In this era where getting a job is one of the most difficult task, one will never want to lose their job for some petty reason. But still, there are people who lost their job for some very petty reason. Don’t you want to read out those reasons so that you can avoid those things at your workplace. Here are those things that got people kicked from the office : 

1. Selfies are dangerous

A lady, Stella, was fired from her job just because she took a selfie during work. And guess how her boss found it ? She was dumb enough to put it on Social Media with caption “Workplace is so Boring”.

Fired for taking selfie at workplace

2. Fake Sick Leave

The Guy named Ramesh was fired from a MNC just because he called his boss and told him that he was so much sick that he can’t even walk well. But later that night, his boss watched him on TV in the IPL match.

Fired for fake sick leave

3. Be Attentive

The Security Guard, John, was fired from his agency because he was caught yawning during work hours. Imagine if that started to happen in India ? All the security guards would be jobless the next day because our security guards don’t yawn, they sleep.

Fired for yawning


Fired for Yawning
Indian Security Guard

4. This is Nonsense

This pretty lady, Lianna, was fired just because she didn’t staple the papers properly. Wait ? Isn’t that a really crappy reason for firing someone ? F*ck you boss.

Fired for not stapling properly

5. Keep Smiling

A serious boy, Pankaj, was fired from McDonalds just because he didn’t smile at the customers enough. Imagine if he smiled and someone misinterpreted it. Oh dear Pankaj, between the devil and the deep blue sea(आगे कुआँ पीछे खाई ).

Fired for being serious looking

6. Don’t Poop

Yes, exactly, you must poop in the morning itself because Nikhil got fired from office just because he went to poop and kept pooping for almost 15 minutes. Well this reason seems absolutely nonsense but yes this was the reason. So no pooping from the next time. (कृपया टटी ना करें)

Fired for Pooping

7. This is not a Promotion, but try Hajmola next time

A very important meeting of marketing team was going on when Rohit decided to do it loud and clear. Yes, he farted in this important meeting and that meeting was his last with that company. (पादना मना है)

Fired for farting in important meeting

All the reasons were weird in themselves but last ones were quite funny. So that’s all with the experience. I gave the experience I found from different sources and now its your turn to let your friends know it.

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