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The Festival You Know : The Story You Don’t

With the arrival of Maha Navmi, Laughter Mania seems to become a religious website, rather than a viral content website. But it is not because of compulsion that I am writing religious posts. Its because of my respect and belief for the religion and the festival that I’m writing this article. We all have been celebrating this festival of Durga Pooja from the time we became self conscious. But we only know Dussehra as the day when Lord Ram killed Ravana. That is the reason why I have come up with another story behind the celebration of Durga Pooja. 

durga pooja, navratri, dussehra, laughter mania, women, feminist, feminism, trending, maha navmi


Mahishasur was born when an Asura King named Rambha mated a She-Buffalo walking on the streets. After death of Rambha, Mahishasur became the King of the Asuras and just like all the other Asuras, he also wanted to conquer Gods. Mahishasura went to the mountains to meditate,at last the Lord appeared before the demon and said, “Child. Your prayers have pleased me. Ask of me that which your heart desires.”The Asura promptly said, “Lord, let me become immortal. May I have naught to fear from death!”. But since it was not possible, Mahisha asked for another grant which was that, he could only be killed by some women, because he thought women as very weak character, Lord Brahma warned him and went away giving him the grant.

Mahisha, free from the fear of death, began invading all the neighboring kingdoms. This army of oppression blew away all opposition, and soon, Mahisha became the overlord of the entire earth. After this, the whole army of Asuras decided to invade the heaven and capture heaven from Gods. Indra got this message and a council was set. Eventually they can’t get to a conclusion on how to defeat him because of Lord Brahma’s boon, so they decide to go to Kailasa and pray to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu for protection.

A fierce battle started between gods and demons but it was all a futile, every god was harrassed by demons, thanks to the boon of Lord Brahma. All the brave Devas abandoned their posts and ran away, the invincible army of Mahisha entered Amravathi unopposed. The Asura sat himself on the great throne of the King of heaven.

durga pooja, navratri, dussehra, laughter mania, women, feminist, feminism, trending, maha navmi

A goddess was created by combining best powers of all the gods and she was known as Mahalakshmi, who held special weapons of gods and a lion for her mount. After the gods prayed to her and requested her that she was their only hope left she said : “O Devas. Have no fear. He has swelled with pride due to the boon from Brahma, but his end is near. I shall march on his capital and utterly destroy him and his demonic forces.”

With these words, the Devi mounted the lion and marched towards Amravathi, the capital city of Indra, where Mahisha had currently established his court. She let out a terrible roar that far surpassed that of her beast as she approached the city. Mahisha’s soldiers told him that there was a woman on Lion and hearing that Mahisha was filled with desire for Mahalakshmi, he wanted to woo her, make her his queen and make her his own for all his life.

The Prime Minister went to Devi Mahalakshmi with the offer to which she replied : “Know me to be the mother of the Gods. I am both their creator as well as their creation. Capable of destroying all Asuras, I am called Mahalakshmi. I have come here to kill your King, the evil Mahisha. I have not brought any army to battle him. Alone, I shall dispatch him to the abode of his ancestors!”

Finally after all the methods of wooing Mahalakshmi failed, the fierce battle between Devi and Asuras began, in which all the Asuras got defeated and eventually met death. Then came the moment when Mahisha came in person and tried the last time to woo the goddess but all in vain.

In the Battle, Mahishasur took form of Lion, Elephant , Serpent and each time he changed into some other form after being stuck by weapon. Finally when he came into his natural form, that is of a buffalo, he kicked at the Goddess and roared in order to intimiate her.

Deciding to end the battle there, the Goddess then summoned her discus (given to her by Vishnu), that was an clone of the Sudarsana-Chakra. She launched it at Mahishasura and beheaded him. Thus, the terrible buffalo-demon, who had terrorized the Gods with boons obtained from Lord Brahma, met his end at the hands of Durga.

durga pooja, navratri, dussehra, laughter mania, women, feminist, feminism, trending, maha navmi

And this brought back the happiness and prosperity both in the heaven and on the earth. The world seemed to be a happier place from then.

So this was the story behind celebrating Durga Pooja. It was really exciting.

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