Most Underrated Things : Men

Most Underrated Things : Men

It’s true my friend.

Men are the most underrated things of this generation, believe it or not. They spend a good part of their life trying to woo the girl they like, but end up being friendzoned. Sometimes, they don’t even tell about their feelings because it would hurt her. They take her out on dates and movies, even when they don’t have enough money to buy themselves a shirt. They change themselves to be the best guy they can be, just to make her happy. Once they are in love, there is no turning back, they will always love you no matter what. At times, they give up on their (lesser paying) dreams because they have the responsibility of a family. They make sure girl are on the safer side of the road. They leave the last piece for the one they love.

As women are under scrutiny all the time, Men are laden with expectations. They are expected to get better marks to get a job, then expected to get a better job for high pay because they are expected to be the bread-earners, they are expected to be physically stronger than the women around, not to mention they can’t cry their hearts out. They are expected to be better drivers, are expected to know directions, and parallel-park. Once married, they are expected to make enough money to take care of their family, and what not.

They also get hurt. They also breakdown. They have their mood swings too. They feel insecure about their bodies too. They listen to your problems, but keep their problems within themselves most of the times. How often have you heard your dad complaining or crying about things?

Yes there are bad men, but for one bad man, there are hundreds of good men in the form of fathers, brothers, husbands, friends, boyfriends, who make the world a safer, happier place for women.

And to all the people who might feel offended by this post, let me clear it to you, not just men feel this way, this was the thought of a very intellectual girl Prerna Singh. It’s all about the situation that matters and makes people underrated or overrated. I believe women are also underrated and I will also write an article on the same within a few days.

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