Interesting and Weird Interview Experiences-Part Eight on Laughter Mania

Interesting and Weird Interview Experiences-Part Eight

Interview experiences are the things which every person should know just to avoid the same situation in any further encounters. That’s the reason why I’ve presented this series Interesting and Weird Interview . And you people have been giving so much love to all three of our series. Check our Laughter Mania Specials here. So before wasting any more time let me begin the next part of this awesome series by letting Ravi Kumar Singh  narrate his story : 

Never said a woman she is beautiful after this.

August 2013 Rejected by Deloitte

I was in a college where for every selection process at least 1000 students were eligible. I was very good in programming and was confident that I will clear the interviews for any company, but the reality came down crashing when I was rejected by 13 companies, and then I just wanted to get a job whether it was for a role of sweeper.

So Deloitte has come for campus recruitment, all my friends told me not to sit in the interview as that was not a technical job, but desperate to get a job I went for the selection process, cleared the aptitude test, cleared the group discussions and then just the HR round was pending, it was on the next morning. So I woke up early morning took a bath (I guess after 15 days or so) put on my best formal dress. I reached early for the interview. I was sitting in the waiting area waiting for my turn and then suddenly a very beautiful lady came inside the waiting area and like almost all the other boys I also started kind of staring her, and then she caught me staring at her and gave me a (Why the f**k are you staring at my b**bs) look, even though I was not staring at her b**bs. After that she walked away and I somehow managed to overcome that embarrassment, after sometime my turn for the interview came, and I went inside the interview room and then as I entered, I saw it was her, the women who just caught me staring at her, if I had ever wished for an apocalypse it was this moment, she asked me to take a seat, I sat down and the first question she asked me was why were you staring me outside, and I had no answer, wish I could have explained her it was not intentional, it just happens with the Male Species all the time, somehow I kept myself together and just manged to utter Since You are beautiful, and just as I finished the sentence she said thank you for coming, gave me back my resume.

After that day I don’t even see the shadow of a women directly.

What is the conclusion of this story ? It is not always you, who are wrong. Someone else can misinterpret what you actually mean and your actions can get you screwed. So always control your action and be safe. 

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