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How to Kill Your Ex without Any Legal Action ?

Relationships these days have become like a use and throw thing. Now don’t get me wrong but this is the case of most people today. They fall in love, use their partner and then its over. True love is becoming extinct and it is getting replaced by sexual desires and monetary advantages. When these desires are fulfilled by both people then the love fades away and then comes the point when both suddenly start feeling that their counterpart is boring,bad,etc. etc. 

Let’s not get deep into it. We’ll leave it to some other article. But let’s get back to the title. Perfect revenge with ex. So there are many people who are truly in love with their counterparts but it happens sometimes that their counterpart is not interested in them. In that case the person who’s in love takes harsh steps like killing the counterpart, suicide and many more things. But this girl proved why we Indians are so creative by killing her ex boyfriend who cheated her. And guess what ? She didn’t kill her cheating boyfriend once or twice. She killed her everyday keeping him alive at the same time. 

The reporter was informed that, an Indian female college student, who is studying in Guangzhou, China, uploaded a series of violent videos to Facebook to vent her anger of her ex-boyfriend’s cheating her. In the video, the girl kept following her ex, cursing and using some effects to “kill” her boyfriend.

According to the informer, the girl broke down completely after knowing that her ex has another lover. Every day she followed her ex, shot short videos, then added Machine Gun, Missile or Lighting effects though an app called “LIKE” to “kill” her ex, then she upload these videos to a new Facebook account to vent her anger.

You can watch the video here : 

Didn’t you like the way of killing your ex a creative one ?  Kill your ex without any legal action on you. Okay sorry for the click bait title but it was really funny and I thought sharing with you will Make You Laugh with A Twist. 

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