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Interesting and Weird Interview Experiences-Part Seven

Interview experiences are the things which every person should know just to avoid the same situation in any further encounters. That’s the reason why I’ve presented this series Interesting and Weird Interview . And you people have been giving so much love to all three of our series. Check our Laughter Mania Specials here. So before wasting any more time let me begin the next part of this awesome series by letting Prashant Sharma narrate his story :

I have not told about this thing to any of my friends till now due to the fear of being mocked. However I still try to not laugh at the incident when I think of it.
This happened during placements in final year in 2011 at our college Indian School of Mines Dhanbad.
The company was Rio Tinto [ it is one of the leading mining companies in the world which pays 60LPA+ and a job in Australia. :'( ] .
I somehow managed to clear 5 rigorous rounds of screening, telephonic interview with an australian lady, technical interview (despite being low GPA of 6.5 😛 ) and was called by an Indian women in her late 20s for HR interview.
And she was pretty. She was actually one of the prettiest women I have ever met. I felt like shahrukh khan from Main hoon na and imagined violins being played. 😛 ( she never looked like an 30 year old HR, I thought she might be assisting the actual HR).
When I entered the room she was sitting on the student side of the table and asked me to sit besides her and take out my CV.
Now you can imagine the condition of a lonely guy in an engineering college sitting besides this cute HR.
I was already stumped when I saw her.
I managed to take out CV and then smiled at her ( actually it was no less than a grin). She looked at me with some confusion and understood what was going on. She asked me few personal questions and details about my internship etc.
At last she asked, how would you handle working along with people in Australia as their culture is very different.
And my reply was …”I have heard Australia is full of pretty and humble people” …and I didn’t stop there and added .. “like you” then again smiled at her. (Stupid me. Yeah I know, I was just 20.)

Result : Rejected with a weird face made by her at the end of the interview. Although I call myself gracefully Shaheed. 😛

What did you conclude with this story ? That whatever be the situation, if you should not overreact just like this guy overreacted and praised the girl. 

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