Laughter Mania wishes Happy Birthday Narendra Modi

You got to believe these things about Narendra Modi : Even Haters !!

First of all

Happy Birthday Narendra Modi

He can be termed as a politician with millions of haters but what overcomes this hate is billion others supporting him. But I won’t be boasting about his number of achievements or failures because you might either be his lover or hater. So let me come to the point and show you those seven things which is worth taking a lesson from, no matter you’re a Modi lover or Hater. Let’s begin with the points : 

#1 : Public Speaking Skills : 

Bill Gates had once said that the presentation skill is one of the most important skills in the 21st century. And the best example is Narendra Modi. He has caught the attention of the world with his public speaking.

Narendra Modi has something in his voice that makes your head turn. His excellent oratory skills forced hid opponents to concede that even they never missed a speech by the Prime Minister.

Laughter Mania wishes Happy Birthday Narendra Modi

#2 : Fitness is Important :

Modi is a big yoga lover and never forgets to practice it on a daily basis, no matter how busy he is. Yoga is the reason why he is so active even at 64. Also, it was because of Modi’s efforts that United Nations decided  to celebrate World Yoga Day on June 21 every year.

Laughter Mania wishes Happy Birthday Narendra Modi

#3 : Never Ignore Technology :

Believe it or not, internet has played a very major role in adding support to Modi’s campaigns. He has been a very active leader on Social Medias. No debate why he has got so huge youth fanbase. 

Laughter Mania wishes Happy Birthday Narendra Modi


Laughter Mania wishes Happy Birthday Narendra Modi


Laughter Mania wishes Happy Birthday Narendra Modi

#4 : Leadership Skills : 

In a public speech, he promised to work one hour more than his subordinates.  Also, his colleagues say that Modi leads them by setting example as far as hard work is concerned.

Laughter Mania wishes Happy Birthday Narendra Modi

#5 : Determine to Succeed : 

There are people who stop working after succeeding or stop working hard thinking that they need some rest. But Narendra Modi never did it. He works hard whether he is on foreign tour or at 7RCR. He sleeps as less as 3.5 hours a day. Laughter Mania wishes Happy Birthday Narendra Modi

#6 : Execute your Plans : 

Narendra Modi is the best example of this point. If you have analysed that something will result in a better future than you should execute that plan. No matter how many people are opposing you. You must believe on your capabilities. Best example for this is Demonetization and GST, where a very large number of people opposed him but he never stepped back.Laughter Mania wishes Happy Birthday Narendra Modi

And this last point might seem a little offensive but yes, you will agree with this also,

#7 : Lie with Confidence : 

There were many things in his manifesto which eventually turned into Jumla. But all those lies led people to vote him and follow him because all those lies were told with confidence. So if you have to lie any time, then do it with confidence otherwise you’ll be caught. Laughter Mania wishes Happy Birthday Narendra Modi

Overall, Narendra Modi has been an inspiring leader and youth icon. He has literally destroyed the complete opposition with his skills. So, before someone from opposition gets offended by this article, I’ll finish it up. Happy Birthday NaMo once again. 

Laughter Mania wishes Happy Birthday Narendra Modi

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