Laughter Mania Shows Ram Rahim's Dera

Ram Rahim’s Dera : Aashram or DisneyLand ?

India is a place full of different babas. People go bananas for them and their followers always remain ready even to die for them. What kind of following is this ? Okay. No need to answer this question as all the media houses who used to be followers of some or the other babas have eventually turned against them and revealed their truth. But let’s talk about some general thing. We have grown up watching TV series like Ramayana, Mahabharata and other religious TV series sitting besides our parents. So what image is formed when I say the word Aashram. This might be the image for most of us : 

Laughter Mania Shows Ram Rahim's Dera

But wait for it, we have a great Baba in our list who has been trending from past few weeks and has been the reason for a lot of violence that happened few weeks ago. But he was a Baba for Past 27 years and he has a large fan following of around 5 crores people (as said by him). He runs an organisation by the name Dera Sacha Sauda and it has its headquarters at Sirsa. But it has no similarity to the Aashram you saw above. Let’s have a look at his Wonderland which he claims to be Aashram. 

1. MSG resort

A lavish ship shaped resort catches eye inside the Dera easily. Like over the top habits of Gurmeet, the resort is eye popping. The pictures that have come straight from the Dera show life like versions of World Wonders, Taj Mahal & Eiffel Tower.Visitors are charged Rs 1800 for a stay in premium rooms and The presidential pool villa is priced at Rs 1,30,000 per night.

Laughter Mania Shows Ram Rahim's Dera

2. Cinema Hall

Gurmeet Ram Rahim has also built an exclusive cinema complex inside the Dera which is known as Mahi cinema. It plays all the films directed by and starring Gurmeet himself.In the cinema, there’s a huge shopping complex and a food court inside.Laughter Mania Shows Ram Rahim's Dera

3. Hospital

There’s a huge 1.25 lakh square feet heart shaped hospital inside the Dera complex which provides 400 bed facility and has machines imported from Japan & Netherlands.Laughter Mania Shows Ram Rahim's Dera

4. A lavish Gym

A grand gym with all the modern machines is available in the Dera.Laughter Mania Shows Ram Rahim's Dera

5. A luxurious restaurant

Gurmeet Ram Rahim has got a luxurious Punjabi restaurant built in the MSG resort named Sarson restaurant.Laughter Mania Shows Ram Rahim's Dera

6. A Stadium 

The huge area covers 23 acres portion of land and provides a platform to practice all kind of sports lawn tennis, roller skating, football, volleyball and hockey.Laughter Mania Shows Ram Rahim's Dera

7. MSG Glorious International School

Gurmeet Ram Rahim started this private residential school in 2009. Spread in the area of 9 acres.

Laughter Mania Shows Ram Rahim's Dera

So this was the display of his so called Aashram which we can call as Modern Aashram. Well it has things for the benefits of others too but you can never neutralize your bad deeds with good one. And so he was sentenced to jail for 20 years. And after all these, this is how his new Aashram looks like. 

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Laughter Mania Shows Ram Rahim's Dera

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