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Interesting and Weird Interview Experiences-Part Six

Hey everyone, how are you ? This is the sixth story in the series Interesting and Weird Interview Experiences and all of you are giving it so much love. That’s why I’m here with the sixth story which is very much interesting and worth taking a lesson that even destiny plays its role in your success. This story is sent to us by someone who didn’t wanted his name to be revealed and this is how he narrates it :

Tata Consultancy Services – College Campus Interview

I was in my third year of B.Tech. I had volunteered to work for the Training and Placement Department in my college. So, on this day, when TCS was interviewing the candidates, they asked me to sit in one corner of Technical Interview Room and note down the answers to a few questions for each candidate.

A thing to note here is that these interviews were for the posts of Software Engineers / Developers.

So, now comes Mr Danish Khan’s (Male, B. Tech Final Year, Computer Science)turn to get interviewed.

Danish: “Good Morning Sir. how are you today?”

Interviewer1: “hmmm.. well what can i say, your college does not seem to have any logical candidates. Anyways, sit down.”

Danish: “Thanks.” Hands his file to the interviewer.

Interviewer1: “So, Danish huh?”

Danish: “Yes Sir.”

Interviewer1: “Ha ha.. sure?”

Danish: with a puzzled look “Umm.. Yes. Sure.”

Interviewer1: Looks on the first page of the resume for two seconds, turns the page, and 3 seconds later dismisses the resume. “Okay so tell me one thing Danish, why should we hire you?”

Danish: “Well Sir, i am very good at programming. I have a good sense of Logical Reasoning and my aptitude is…..” interrupted by the interviewer .

Interviewer1: “Ok, leave that. Tell me, if you are the Project Manager of a project which has failed, what will you do?”

Danish: “Sir, i will learn from it. To me, every failure is am opportunity to learn. And i will make sure that no other project i take up in the future suffers from the mistakes we made in this failed project. I know the importance of processes like CMMI Level 5 etc. I will incorporate many application of such processes to analyze exactly why it failed… ” interrupted by the interviewer AGAIN.

Interviewer1: “Ok ok ok. Can you tell me something about Risk Mitigation in a XYZ type of a project.”

Danish: “Well, no sir. i am a fresher. I am not aware of such industrial terms.”

Interviewer1: “Okay then tell me if i drop two programming languages under free fall of gravity, will they strike the ground together?”

Danish: now puzzled and frustrated “Sir??”

Interviewer1: “you don’t know?”

Danish: Wondering “Sir, I don’t get it. A free falling object is an object that is falling under the sole influence of gravity. but programming languages are virtual things. I mean they are not objects.”

Interviewer1: “Yes, but they are object oriented, right? Or you disagree?”

Danish: “Well Sir..”

Suddenly Interviewer 2 (Another TCS professional who was taking interviews in another room) opens the door and comes into the room.

Interviewer2: “Tea?”

Interviewer1: “Yeah. Let us go.” Looks at Danish and says “Thanks Danish. That will be all”.

Danish still puzzled and shocked shakes his head and leaves.

Interviewer2: “Kaisa chal raha hai?” (How is it going?)

Interviewer1: “Yaar mera loundo ka quota kahatam ho gaya. Ab 8 ladkiya aur uthani hain bas.” ( I have finished recruiting the males. I have to still recruit 8 females now.)

Interviewer2: “Jaldi karna yaar. Ek koi Meenakshi hai gori si. Uska dekh lena.” (Make it fast. And there is fair toned girl called Meenakshi. Give her consideration.)

Interviewer1: “Ok”.

He was rejected for being a male. and so were 20+ more male candidates who got interviewed after him.

Disclaimer : Guys, this is just an event about how some people got rejected for a weird reason. Therefore this story qualifies the answer. It is not about blaming TCS and it is definitely not against fair girls. I actually like TCS, it gives a lot of jobs to aspiring engineers in India. That’s a good thing.

So this brings the end to this story. One thing which we should learn from this story is that only our hardwork doesn’t work for us. Sometimes it’s our destiny that plays the role in our life. SO we must not be disappointed with failures and keep moving ahead instead of failures and all. 

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