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You’ll go ROFL watching these posters

Hello everyone, How are you people ? I guess I’m very much late with this article but believe me I was delaying articles just to make it better and return with some amazing content for Laughter Mania. And so have I done. We have seen many instances where a mistake of single letter in English makes a blunder. But these posters actually surpassed all  the levels of savageness. These posters will make you people go ROFL as to why they used English if they can’t write it ? They could have used their native language still they used English and literally ruined it. Let’s watch these : 

#1: Ever visited a Juice Corner to have juice ? Yes, you must have. But have you ever visited the juice itself ? No ? Then you need to reach here.

Laughter Mania

#2: Imagine you’re visiting a saloon at some new place and get stuck at this saloon. You’ll be horrified with the rate chart whether its hair cutting or something else.Laughter Mania


#3: Okay so someone who is physically challenged with only one hand can reach this place and get another one to use.Laughter Mania

#4: Now this is something interesting. You don’t need to take tents to your camps. Instead,take these rooms with you.

Laughter Mania

#5: Want to buy puppies ? You’ll get different brides too if you’re single.Laughter Mania

#6: Are you lonely and want to have someone with you so that you can get a company then this deal is worth it.

Laughter Mania

#7: Fed up with your credit card bills ? Go swap it with someone else’s at the counter.

Laughter Mania

#8: Now this is some serious notice. You will be prostituted. Stay careful. Laughter Mania

In the last two posters, you can consider them as inter-linked. 

#9: Okay, this poster artist must have been some really truthful artist as he has finally written some truth. Literally he’ll bed her.Laughter Mania

#10: And this truck guy gave some serious advice to the guy in the above poster. Hope the guy understands and puts deeper.Laughter Mania

So weren’t these posters funny and awesome. Some of them were weird too. But in the end they made us laugh and they served their purpose in some way or the other. 

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So that’s all for now guys. If you found this post interesting then do forward the link to your friends and relatives too. They would really enjoy reading these crazy blunders of English. I’ll be back with more interesting articles, until then enjoy  stories and articles of different categories on Laughter Mania. 

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