These beasts are so funny to avoid

Hello friends, how are you all ? I hope everyone is well and healthy. In this post I’ll be introducing you to the few of most funny incidents among animals which shows that not just humans but even animals love to have fun and tease each other. So here are the six incidents which truly portraits the funny side of these animals : 

#1: This dog seems to take revenge after his owner cuddled him with legs.

#2: This combination of funny monkey with dumb dog.

#3: This stubborn horse seems to be out of control of his little master. 

#4: This cat is so mischievous man. 

#5: This goat must have been offended by this man.

#6: Look at this Penguin, seems like one guy is slapping his best friend.

If you know any such instance of your pet then tell us in the comments section. 

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