Forgotten Beauty of India

Forgotten Beauty of India – Part Three

Hello friends, what’s going on ? I hope everything is fine. Welcome to another part of Forgotten Beauty of India. And this one is going to be an epic one as the location which I’ll cover in this article is a very chilled out location. Have you ever been to Venice ? No ? Or maybe Yes. This is how Venice looks like :

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What if I told you that India, too, has its own Venice ? Yes, I’m not at all bluffing. This is true. India has its own Venice and the name of that place is Janjira Fort and it is located at an off coast Island in Murud, Maharashtra. You must be now curious to watch how it looks like. This is the reason why I’m comparing it with Venice :

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A sea fort, 3km from shore, built on top of a natural fresh water spring, it was fairly self-sufficient and built to protect the west coast of India. Due to the fresh water they could grow their own food and could outlive the longest siege. Military forces from the mainland of India: British, Portuguese, Maratha etc. were unable to conquer this fort for 350 years; the South-East African group called the Siddis held control of the fort until India became an independent country.

Here are some special photos of the Janjira Fort : 

It’s view from the shore :

Image result for janjira fort

The entrance :

Related image

A picture from Inside the Fort (The green thing is the fresh water spring) :

Image result for janjira fort

Few more photos from Inside :

Related image

Related image

Related image

Related image

A map of the Fort : 

Related image

And this is the beautiful Aerial View :

Related image

Even the thought of going to this place feels so amazing. Imagine how awesome experience it would be to visit this place. There are so many more places like this in India and we think that only foreign countries are cool. The problem is that these places are not very much famous due to lack of interest by Tourism Department. But you can plan for your next holiday in The Venice of India. And I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy a lot. 

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