Interesting and Weird Interview Experiences-Part One

Interesting and Weird Interview Experiences-Part Three

Hey everyone, how are you ? This is the third story in the series Interesting and Weird Interview Experiences and all of you are giving it so much love. That’s why I’m here with the third story which is very much and interesting and worth taking a lesson from. This story is sent to us by Aditya Gupta and this is how he narrates it :

This did not happen to me but one of my Seniors…

Background on campus recruitment in my college: Whenever an IT company comes, generally the recruitments happen for 2 day. Day 1 is Aptitude test and Day 2 are for interviews for candidates who cleared Aptitude. Now this is an unsaid rule which all companies follow, apparently not always though.

Background on my friend who was my Senior: He is a chilled out guy who has a good sense of humor. Now for interview, everyone dresses up in proper formal attire but for aptitude, everyone come in casual. This guy took it a step further. He was wearing round neck T-shirt, Jeans with chains, running shoes and a leather bracelet. So he was looking more of a member of Bikers gang than one who came for campus recruitment. Below is an exaggerated version of him


Now on Day 1 :

When the results of Aptitude were displayed, they said first 5 candidates, report for interview in room numbers 1 to 5 respectively and as you can guess he was in the list of first 5 candidates. He requested a few minutes to change but they said go in now or never. So he took shirt of one of his friends and took a chance by going to interview.

When he entered, the interviewer was literally shocked by his attire and have him a good piece of mind while he was at the door. He was not even asked to sit till the lecture of interviewer was finished. He knew that he was rejected by the length of the ongoing lecture.

Then he was asked to take a seat and interviewer thought to take the official ragging to next level and so the interview begun:

Interviewer: What is the capital of Seychelles?

Candidate (Surprised): Ummmm…

Interviewer: If you don’t know it, don’t waste my time. Just say “I don’t know”

Candidate (Understood what was happening): I don’t know Sir

Interviewer (Smirking): Who is the president of Czechoslovakia?

Candidate: I don’t know Sir

Interviewer: What is the National Fruit of Sri-Lanka?

Candidate: I don’t know Sir

Interviewer: Not only are you irresponsible but even your GK is terrible… Blah Blah Blah

Another lecture of 5 more minutes where the candidate is listening patiently.

Interviewer (Finally when he is satisfied): Do you have any questions?

Candidate: Actually I have a question sir!

Interviewer: Yes?

Candidate (With all innocent face): What is the capital of Seychelles?

Interviewer: That is for you to find out. Anything else?

Candidate: Ok. Who is the president of Czechoslovakia?

Interviewer: That will be all. Thank you.

Candidate: Thank you Sir.

He walks out Thug Life style…

So that’s the end of this story. We can learn few things from this. You should always be prepared for things ahead of its arrival. Yes there was mismanagement by college authorities but even it was his fault too. So all the readers who’re gonna go for placement drives must remember these things and take a lesson from them.

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