Ever Wondered why Apple is so special ? Here’s why…..

Hey everyone !! How are you all ? Going good ? Today I’ll be telling you the reason why Apple is so special. You know, sometimes it seems irritating that all Apple customers boast a lot about its products. You may have heard a Microsoft Customer complain about Microsoft product, you may have heard a Samsung Customer complain about Samsung but you might never have heard an Apple customer complain about Apple’s product. There are two reasons for this, first, the products are revolutionary and perfect and second, if by any chance, the product has some defect then apple has a very well dedicated team for customer service because for it the belief of customer is more important rather than their profit. So let me start with what are the specialities of Apple.

#1: Apple sells an EXPERIENCE rather than a product.

Apple’s competitors, like Microsoft and Samsung, they sell products. They brag about how their phone/computer has the best specifications, hardware, OS, but at the end of the day, they are merely a phone/computer.On the other hand, Apple makes it a big deal to show people what the future looks like, and they’ve done this with every one of their releases.

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#2: Apple doesn’t give people what they want, they show people what they want.

While other brands keep producing the same things what people are using, Apple risks everything to give people a new and unique product. They don’t think whether what people are used to using or which features people are loving. If they think its not futuristic, you should remove it. Because people have a habit of using whatever is given to them, and people tend to use it until and unless someone shows them that there is something else also, and that’s where Apple differs.

#3: Apple sets expectations.

Whenever there is a product launch of other brands, there are not much expectations from them to bring some uniqueness. Its not like they don’t bring unique feature but people don’t expect much from them. But whenever we get news about the launch of an Apple product, all of us suddenly start thinking about what new thing apple is gong to introduce or what old feature is it going to remove. Apple shocked people by removing the 3.5mm headphone-jack from the iPhone 7, or by changing the MacBook norm to Thunderbolt 3.

#4: Apple brings something new.

I respect Apple for the fact they they know exactly when a new feature is ready for us to use. Apple never releases technology that is not ready yet. No. It is either perfect or it will not be released.This is why Apple devices have no bloatware, or blasting batteries. It could easily become far richer than it is today if it decided to give out its OS to other devices, i mean every company will release iOS devices, but Apple chose to remain who they are.

And this last point is really important not only for apple but for any of us. We need to understand How to say no ? 

#5: Apple knows to say NO.

The excellent ability to say NO to diversification and the sheer determination to make only the most beautiful and the best products in the market which people think they might not even want to use, and before we know it, they create an entire market for the same and all other companies start following them! I respect them for sticking to their motto again and again: Customers don’t always know what they want until you show it to them! I respect their ability to back themselves up every single time.

Image result for Customers don't always know what they want until you show it to them! I respect their ability to back themselves up every single time.

Everything on an Apple device is useful, sleek and never defective. No other company does that, they run after profits in the smartest way ever.

The feel of an Apple designed product is like meditation already.

You just can’t ignore Apple.


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